All Darkest Dungeon Console Commands and Cheats

These cheats won't leave you in the dark.

by Thomas Cunliffe
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While incredibly fun, being a roguelike, Darkest Dungeon is inherently a challenging game — even on normal difficulty. Whether you’re finding the game a little too punishing or wanting a more relaxed run to refresh your memory ahead of Darkest Dungeon 2‘s official release, these cheats can give you a helping hand.

All Darkest Dungeon Console Commands

Unfortunately, there is no way to access console commands in Darkest Dungeon. That’s not to say you can’t manipulate the game in a similar style, however. By digging into the game’s files in the Steam version, you can alter a few variables to remove level restrictions and manually save.

How to Use Cheats in Darkest Dungeon (Data Editing)

How to Backup Your Save and Reverse Decisions in Darkest Dungeon

Decisions are permanent in Darkest Dungeon, with no in-game way to access a previous save. Fortunately, you can manually back up your save files and revert to an earlier save to make death a little less permanent.

  • Open File Explorer.
  • Paste ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\‘ into the address bar.
    • In some instances, this will be Documents/Darkest/profile_0/1/2
  • Click the folder containing a unique number.
  • Click the folder labeled 262060.
  • Click the folder labeled remote.
  • Copy your save data to a safe location.
  • Replace your save data when you want to revert to that save.

How to Remove Level Restriction in Darkest Dungeon

Using this cheat, you can access lower-level dungeons in Darkest Dungeons as higher-level characters.

  • Open Steam and select Library.
  • Right-click Darkest Dungeon.
  • Select Manage and then Browse local files.
  • Open the campaign folder.
  • Open the quest folder.
  • Right-click quest.json, select Open with, then Notepad.
  • Press Ctrl + F, then paste or type resolve_level_threshold_table to find that section.
  • Change all the numbers below this section to 99.

How to Install Darkest Dungeon Mod Cheats

There are a plethora of fan-created Darkest Dungeon mods available to download through Steam Workshop that can make the game much easier.

  • Ensure that Darkest Dungeon is currently closed and open Steam.
  • Hover over Community and select Workshop.
  • Search for Darkest Dungeon and hit the enter key (or click this link).
  • Click on the mod you want to download, then Subscribe.

NexusMods also host mods unavailable on Steam Workshop that can be manually placed into the game’s files.

  • Open Steam and select Library.
  • Right-click Darkest Dungeon.
  • Select Manage and then Browse local files.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded mod into the mods folder.
    • Downloaded mods may need extracting first, which can be done by right-clicking and selecting Extract All.

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- This article was updated on April 3rd, 2023

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