All Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Listed

Which will you choose?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

One of the cooler aspects of perfecting your build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is equipping a Divine Beast. They can be used in two ways, giving you an even greater advantage in battle. They also have their own unique abilities. Here, we’ll list out all the Divine Beasts you can summon in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

All Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The following is each beast in the game, along with when you can unlock them.

  • Qilin (Earth) – Two Chivalrous Heroes
  • Qinglong (Wood) – The Valley of the Crying Wraiths
  • Baihu (Metal) – The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven
  • Baize (Water) – In Search of the Immortal Wizard
  • Zhuque (Fire) – Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch
  • Tengshe (Metal) – Centuries of Glory Burned Away
  • Xiezhi (Fire) – Tyrant’s Final Banquet
  • Bixie (Wood) – The Way of the Warrior
  • Xuanwu (Water) – Decisive Battle of Guandu
  • Yinglong (Earth) – The Crouching Dragon Roars

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Each Divine Beast will be obtained typically at the end of a Main Battlefield mission. In our guide that lays out all the missions in the game, it’s best to also take on side missions as they can help bring you up to the proper recommended level.

Also, it helps to use a Divine Beast that matches your primary Virtue Level in the game. That way, the stats will be more in line with what you’re putting your levels into. Whether you want to use the Resonation or summon your Beast, damage output will be increased even further.

For example, we said Wood is the best element to spec into, with Water and Metal as secondaries. Using Bixie or Qinglong to further enhance the Virtue’s capabilities. However, with Bixie being a late-game Divine Beast, your best bet is to hold onto Qinglong. Plus, it’s a very good source of healing in a pinch.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023