Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Hard? – Answered

Do you have what it takes to get a Glorious Victory?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is yet another game to join the ever-expanding list of souls-like games. Just being compared to Souls games will create a divide in the gaming community and bring back the whole “difficulty in video games” discussion. Whatever the case may be, is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty hard? We can break down its difficulty compared to other games.

Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Hard?

This is a very subjective answer. The short response to this is yes, this game is hard. To put the difficulty level into perspective, Wo Long probably gets about a 7/10 in terms of difficulty (with 1 being easy and 10 being excruciatingly hard). 

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty does not have a difficulty slider, so you’re going to be playing the same way as everyone else. However, if you think a 7 out of 10 is still high for a difficult game, here are some ways that you can ease down the legendary difficulty.

Summon NPCs

You’ll be given an NPC or two by default in some missions throughout Wo Long. They might ease up the difficulty as they can draw enemy aggro away from you. However, some missions don’t have them. 

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If you have the Tiger Seal item, you can spend one at a Battle Flag. You can summon up to two NPCs unless you have some present. Just know that if the NPC with you wasn’t originally with you in a mission and you die, you’ll have to summon them again.

Play Cooperative With Other People

Similar to the NPC option, if you play cooperatively with another player, you can essentially get carried. Enemy counts are the same with some rescaling of enemy health values. Still, if you have a skilled partner as you take down the small fries, you can trivialize some bosses or tough areas in the game.

Farm Levels

Every mission in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has a Recommended Level. If you truly are struggling with the game’s difficulty or are off put by the heavy damage every enemy does, just do a bit of level grinding. It might take a bit of defeating enemies over and over until you can level up, but the stat gains can help.

As you’re farming enemies in your levels, you’re also increasing your Morale Rank. Most missions cap out at 20, but you can exceed that and gain an additional stat bonus over enemies. Anything to give you an edge in combat will significantly make tough fights and bosses easier.

Get Good (Seriously)

Finally, let’s get into ripping the band-aid here. Yes, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has stats like attack and defense. What separates those who succeed in this game from those who quit are the ones who take the time to nail down the mechanics, specifically things like deflects/counters and managing the Spirit gauge.

If you learn how to properly use the counter mechanic in this game and know how to follow up attacks, you can breeze through the content. Hacking and slashing will only get you so far in terms of mobbing, but when it comes to larger foes and bosses, they won’t stagger or have as much downtime.

The first boss is looking to be a make-or-break for a lot of players already. This is the perfect time to master those mechanics as they’ll be basically necessary as the game gets progressively harder. Without proper fundamentals, you’re going to lose a lot of Qi and your patience from constant deaths.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023