What Does the Number Above Your Health Mean in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Is this all just a numbers game?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

There’s a lot to learn and get used to while playing Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Questions remain to be had from the different combat mechanics, leveling systems, vengeance, and more. For example, what does the number above your health bar mean in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? We can explain what that is and its significance.

What Does the Number Above Your Health Mean in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

The number above your health is your Fortitude or Morale Rank. They’re somewhat interchangeable but apply differently depending on how well you perform in a mission.

Your Fortitude Rank is a mission-specific power level. Enemies will also have those numbers above their heads, determining how powerful they are in relation to you. If your Fortitude Rank is below theirs, they’ll have more of an advantage against you and vice versa. Your overall character level does not influence the rate at which you accumulate this.

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As for your Morale Rank, it’s very similar to Fortitude but has some key differences. They can have the same value, but the Morale Rank accounts for levels above Fortitude. It can never fall below the value of Fortitude. The only time they’ll be equal is when you start a new mission or if you die. 

Say, you reached a Morale Rank of 15, but with the amount of Flags you claimed, the Fortitude Level is 10. When you die, your Morale goes down to 10, even in subsequent deaths. Your Morale raises by defeating enemies and by properly deflecting attacks. It can lower by getting hurt by enemy Critical Blows and dying.

The maximum level that a mission’s Fortitude Rank can go up to is 20. Morale Rank can go above that, giving you an advantage over tougher enemies you may have skipped or even bosses.

No enemy will exceed the Fortitude level of 20 in any mission in your first playthrough. But keep in mind that with the difficult nature of this game, you can still easily die from the massive damage output that every enemy has in this game.