Why Do Enemies Glow Purple in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

A good reward for taking the risk.

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

During your journey in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you may have noticed that some enemies glow purple. What is that? Should they be avoided? We can explain in detail what this is and how this mechanic is quite prevalent in the game.

Why Do Enemies Glow Purple in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

The enemies in question are known as Vengeance Targets. Their Morale Rank is higher than normal enemies, making them a VIP in the fight ahead. This simply means that this particular enemy has defeated another player in their separate instance and claimed their Morale Rank.

When roaming around, you may notice that there’s a burial flag with the same aura as that enemy. Going up to it, you’ll see who the player is, how they died, and from which enemy. You can interact with these things by using a Dragon’s Cure Pot. Upon using it, your Morale Rank is increased by 2 levels for 30 seconds.

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This can help even the odds against enemies who are on the tougher sides, especially like the Changgui tigers you fought in the first mission. 

What Happens When You Defeat a Purple Enemy?

Upon defeating a Vengeance Target, they have a chance of dropping more and rarer items, accolades, and Tiger Seals. With a big risk comes a great reward. They’ll also be good for farming once you start thinking of making builds in the game.

Additionally, this is an online component of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Playing the game online doesn’t mean you have to play cooperatively or get invaded by other players. You simply need an online connection to encounter these enemies.

Vengeance Targets do differ from enemies who killed you. Their mechanics will mostly be the same, but those who you rechallenge after killing you hold half of your Genuine Qi and some of your Morale Rank. They won’t yield as many items as a Vengeance Target would.