Is There PvP in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

A duel to the death!

by Elliott Gatica

When it comes to tough souls-like games, there is always an audience who likes to engage in some PvP. Since Wo Long Fallen Dynasty fits that category, does it have a PvP mode? If so, how do people get started?

Does Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Have PvP?

Good news, competitive players, there is a player vs player component in this game! It’s not going to be something as sophisticated as Elden Ring where there’s a dedicated area for it. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will have a feature called Invade.

For players who have played FromSoftware titles like Dark Souls or Elden Ring, this should not be a foreign concept. A player will essentially “invade” the host’s mission in progress and have to hunt them down. This usually happens by a Battle Flag. The invader will be named as a follower of that Flag and have to be defeated.

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This feature won’t be unlocked until you unlock co-op and other online modes where you can play with other people.

Can I Prevent Being Invaded?

If you don’t want to deal with other players joining in on your session as an invader, you can disable the option. Press your platform’s respective pause button and head on over to the Settings option.

From here, head onto the Online Settings option. Next, where it says “Invasions by Hostile Players”, simply select “Do not allow”. This won’t completely disable invasions as this is a core part of the game.

This invasion setting is only used to prevent other actual players from invading. Instead of people, an AI will invade, having a name that will make more sense in terms of the game’s context. 

Is There Crossplay PvP?

Unfortunately, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a platform-contained experience. If you’re looking to have a multiplayer experience with people on other consoles, whether it’s via co-op or through PvP invasions, you can’t do that. 

We do not know if there are plans for this game to eventually support cross-platform play. Even with its availability on Xbox Game pass, it won’t be a thing. We’ll be sure to let you know if that changes in the future, but don’t bet on it.