Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Multiplayer: How to Play With Friends

It's always better to travel in a pack.

by Elliott Gatica

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has a multiplayer component, supporting a PvP and PvE experience. However, there are some things to know before you get started in Koei Tecmo’s latest ARPG. If you are looking to play with friends in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, check out below.

How to Play Online in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

This feature won’t be unlocked until you beat the first introductory mission of the game. Once you get past the Village of Calamity level, you will then be able to play online with other people. 

Next, as you approach a Battle Flag, you can choose the Online Lobby option. You can choose to recruit a player, play co-op, or invade someone

Recruiting allies means you can either have someone join you as a guest on your current mission or you can join them as their guest. However, once the host dies, the party is disbanded. You’ll also need a Tiger Seal to initiate a cooperative session.

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Picking the Co-op option will allow you to create a separate instance where you start from the beginning of a mission until the end with a player. This is for people who want a fully cooperative experience.

For invading, you can choose to invade someone’s battleground. You’ll assume control of an enemy and try to defeat the host. These are more likely to occur if you have at least 2 allies or 1 online companion. Otherwise, you’ll only be invaded by NPCs.

How to Play With Friends in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

If you’re looking to play specifically with friends, you have to choose the Co-op option. Pick either option depending on who is going to host a mission and set a password. These can be set with up to 6 digits. Simply exchange the passwords with each other or send an invite to your friend.

Online play with other friends is only available if you are on the same platform as them. There is no cross-platform play, but there is cross-generation. If you are on a PS5 and your friend is on a PS4, you can still play together.