How to Get More Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Turn the tide with your trusty animal by your side.

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Divine Beasts are something that veterans of the Nioh franchise should be familiar with. They’re basically a summon that can help you turn the tide in battle whether it’s against the game’s toughest bosses or against a group of enemies. Whatever the case may be, how do you get more Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

How to Get More Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

To get more of them, you have to progress through the main story of the game. After defeating a major boss, there will be a cutscene where a character’s Jade will start to glow. When that happens, their Divine Beast will resonate with you, granting you access to use them in any missions moving forward.

How to Use Divine Beasts

You can start using Divine Beasts once you unlock your first one, Qilin. To equip one, go to a Battle Flag and Rest. Head over to the Battle Preparation option and hit “Set Divine Beast”. Here, you can see all those you have collected. Pick one and you’re good to go.

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To activate one, you have to kill enemies, deal damage, or take damage. That will all contribute to a meter that determines when it’s ready to use. Once that meter is full, you should see the icon on the bottom right of the Beast’s symbol now glowing. 

Once it’s glowing, press triangle and circle (or B and Y on Xbox) to summon your Divine Beast. Each one has its own specific stats and abilities. Also, the higher your Morale Rank, the stronger and more effective they are in combat.

There is also another way to summon them by using Divine Beast Resonation. Press square and X (or A and X on Xbox) to give yourself and your allies a buff for a set duration. These also vary depending on which one you choose.

How to Switch Divine Beasts

If you want to swap between different Divine Beasts, you can only do so when you are at a Battle Flag, just as where you’d also level up your Virtue Levels. You can’t swap mid-battle nor can you do it in your equipment menus. Also, as you switch different animals, your meter will reset. You have to build it up to use them again. 

These will be more important for builds as you get to the later and more difficult stages of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Make sure you like the stats they give to enhance your play style!