All Glimmora Weaknesses and Best Counters in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

A rock that's a bit tough to break.

by Elliott Gatica

Glimmora is quite the strong Pokemon. It’s good at defensive play and withering down opponents if they aren’t quick to deal with its gimmicks. You can even see that Geeta, the Elite Four champion, has one in her party. How do you deal with it? We can explain all of the weaknesses Glimmora has and good counters for it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

All Glimmora Weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Since this Pokemon is a Rock and Poison type, it’s weak to the following types:

  • Water
  • Ground
  • Psychic
  • Steel

Of these four types, it’s most susceptible to taking damage from ground. It’ll deal significantly more damage than the others, making it the best choice. 

If you are fighting Geeta’s Glimmora during the Elite Four, her Pokemon has the Toxic Debris ability. This is basically an automated Toxic Spikes move if a Pokemon physically attacks her Glimmora. It’s especially annoying if you’re going to switch your team out. Upon entry, they’ll take damage until the spikes subside. 

Aside from that, Glimmora is an extremely strong Sp. Attacker with a decent Defense and Sp. Defense setup. With that all in mind, you want to make sure to use an Sp. Attacker with attacks that are super effective against its type to prevent the Toxic Debris. Furthermore, while its Defense and Sp. Defense are similar, the Sp. Defense is slightly weaker on the Pokemon.

Capitalize on hitting it with Special Attacks so it won’t come with the extra headaches. This Pokemon typically uses moves of its type, sprinkled in with ground-type and utility moves to help keep it alive longer during battle. 

It’s no wonder why you can’t find this Pokemon normally out in the wild until you get to Area Zero. Unless you want to catch a Glimmet and evolve it until 35, you will have to make do with the endgame area or 5-star raids and higher.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2022

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