All GTA Online Armored Truck Spawn Locations

by Drew Kopp
Image: Rockstar Games

The Armored Truck event Grand Theft Auto: Online allows players to live out one of the most famous heist scenarios ever conceived; robbing an armored car full of cash. While the event was removed in 2015, it has made a glorious return as part of GTA Online’s latest update, and there are now plenty of places where players can find Armored Cars waiting to be robbed. Here are the locations of all the Armroed Cars in GTA Online.

All Armored Car Locations in GTA Online

Like in real-life, GTA Online‘s Armored Cars exist to transport money from one secure location to another, carrying $25,000 in untraceable cash that’s ripe for the picking. Like most free-mode events in GTA Online, the missions allowing you to rob armored cars will randomly show up, with many players noting that the event tends to start every fifteen minutes. This means you have to be in the vicinity of an armored car’s spawn point if you want the mission to start. Once the mission begins, they will appear as blue icons on the mini-map.

Here are all the known spawn locations for armored cars in GTA Online.

Image: Rockstar Games
  • Cascabel Avenue, Paleto Bay
  • Grapeseed Main Street, Grapeseed
  • Smoke Tree Road, Near Sandy Shores Airfield, Grand Senora Desert
  • Great Ocean Highway, Chumash
  • North Rockford Drive, Morningwood
  • Hawick Avenue, Vinewood
  • Vinewood Park Drive, Outside The Diamond Casino & Resort
  • Low Power Street, Downtown
  • Capital Boulevard, East Los Santos
  • New Empire Way, Los Santos International Airport

How to Rob Armored Cars in GTA Online

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Of course, finding the armored truck is the easiest part of the job. Now, you have to rob it, which can only be done by blowing open the double doors in the back of the car. Armored cars are some of the most durable vehicles in GTA Online, and regular bullets won’t even slow the car down. Explosives, on the other hand, are very effective.

While there are many explosives in GTA Online, I found that the Sticky Bomb works the best. You can buy Sticky Bombs from Ammu-Nation after you have reached Rank 19. Once you have them, drive up behind an armored car and toss the Sticky Bomb onto the back doors. One well-aimed throw should be enough to bring the vehicle to a stop, giving you a chance to climb into the back and claim your $25’000.

Once you’ve brought down an armored car, your Wanted level will jump to two stars if it wasn’t there already, and it won’t be long until the police show up. So jump in your getaway vehicle immediately and ditch the cops as fast as possible by hitting the gas and hiding as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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