Everything Included in the GTA Online Drug Wars The Last Dose Update – Cars, Story Missions, and More

Are you ready for new story missions in GTA Online?

by Gordon Bicker
Image of a floating cheeseburger in GTA Online.
Image: Rockstar Games

GTA Online has been getting consistent updates for nearly ten years — and even still we get new content such as The Last Dose update for Drug Wars. If massive floating cheeseburgers are what you are looking for then you will be thrilled with the update. This article will take you through everything you need to know about the GTA Online Drug Wars: The Last Dose update.

GTA Online Drug Wars: The Last Dose Story Content

The Last Dose update contains all-new story missions to the game for you. They focus on bringing a conclusion to the previous Drug Wars story content and act as the ultimate ending. The Drug Wars’ original missions shouldn’t take you too long to work through — meaning you can prepare for the latest missions in no time.

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There are five story missions in total added with The Last Dose update. It is not known how long these missions will take to complete but it is likely they aren’t enormously large. In turn, you will probably be more focused on playing through all of the other content added with the update.

All Confirmed New Cars in GTA Online Drug Wars: The Last Dose

There haven’t been any officially confirmed new cars in The Last Dose as of the moment. However, you won’t have to fret as there is indeed new vehicle content. If you have played through the original Drug Wars content then you will have unlocked the Brickade 6×6 for purchase.

In The Last Dose update, you can transform the entire Brickade 6×6 into a mobile acid lab for use in your operations. You can go about making this change by upgrading the Brickade 6×6. Apart from the new base of operations, there is also The Freakshop Headquarters that you can visit in the update.

When Does GTA Online Drug Wars: The Last Dose Release?

The Last Dose update will release on March 16, 2023, for all GTA Online players. This includes Current-Gen and Last-Gen consoles. No one will be left behind in not being able to play through the new content when it releases.

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Many are still on the hunt for any trailers of GTA VI to start appearing but for the time being — people will have to wait longer. Time will tell if The Last Dose update has enough content to keep players satisfied for many more months.

- This article was updated on March 9th, 2023