All Hidden Treasures (Invisible Chests) in Super Mario RPG

Discover the location of every Hidden Treasure in Super Mario RPG!

by Marc Magrini
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There are 39 Hidden Treasures in Super Mario RPG, and finding all of them requires quite a lot of dedication.

The Hidden Treasures in this game are similar to invisible blocks in Mario’s usual platforming adventures. This time around, though, players are tracked on how many blocks they find, technically requiring them to search for every one if they want to do every bit of side content possible. Finding the locations of all Hidden Treasures is a daunting task in Super Mario RPG, even with the remake’s earlier access to the Signal Ring.

How to Get All Hidden Treasures in Super Mario RPG

This task is significantly easier in the remake than it is in the original. This is thanks to very early access to the Signal Ring, an item that alerts players when they’re in a room with a Hidden Treasure.

Its original location — the top-right house in Nimbus Land — now grants access to the Echo Signal Ring, a similar item that makes beeping noises as players get closer to the chest. Equipping either item on any party member will allow it to work even if they’re inactive, so try to keep these accessories on for as long as possible!

Mushroom Kingdom Region Hidden Treasures

There are four Hidden Treasures in the Mushroom Kingdom Region.

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You’ll find your first two Hidden Treasures in the basement of the Mushroom Kingdom shop. The first acts as a tutorial for this mechanic. The second can be found by letting the Toad walk to the rightmost corner of the room and jumping up from his head. Each treasure contains an instant-use Flower.

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This particularly infamous treasure is found in the first room of Peach’s Castle, on top of the archway surrounding the top-right doors. You can reach this by jumping on Toad’s head as he passes through this place at the start of the game.

Later, you can find another toad standing in the corner, granting an alternative method of reaching the ledge. This treasure contains one Frog Coin.

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In Bandit’s Way, a Hidden Treasure can be found in the first room with spinning flowers. Just before reaching the eastern exit, use the final flower to jump to the right, towards the purple stationary flower. If you time it right, you’ll hit the Hidden Treasure with your jump, allowing you to get a Croaka Cola.

Tadpole Pond Region & Yo’ster Isle Region

There are ten Hidden Treasures in the Tadpole Pond Region. Yo’ster Isle has a single Hidden Treasure, as well.

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You can find one of the Hidden Treasures in Rose Town’s shop. Jump onto the cabinets in the back and jump against the upper corner of the store. You’ll find one Frog Coin for your troubles.

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The other Hidden Treasure is located in the stairless house at Rose Town. Jump on the Toad’s head to reach the house, then head upstairs and jump on top of the bed. Like the other Hidden Treasure in the town, this one contains a Frog Coin.

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The Forest Maze has 6 Hidden Treasures — the most of any single area in the game. At the very start of the area, you’ll find its first treasure in the western corner of a small open patch of dirt, just across from a collectible mushroom. This treasure contains a Croaka Cola.

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The next Hidden Treasure can be found just after the first cave in the maze. It’s located between the stump and the second background tree from the left. This treasure will give you a Frog Coin.

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Later in the maze, players will come across seven stumps in a group, and three of them will lead to Hidden Treasures. The rightmost stump will have its treasure located a few steps down from the exact middle of the cave. If you manage to find this one, you’ll get an instant-use Flower.

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In the middle-left stump, you’ll find a Hidden Treasure that acts more as a joke than a real reward. It can be found in the northmost corner of the cave, but hitting it will only lead to a statement of “Bad luck!” without any item. This is the only Hidden Treasure to not have a reward in any form, so it’s only worth collecting for comedy or completion’s sake.

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The next Hidden Treasure is found just behind the sleeping Wiggler in the top-left stump. With some careful jumping, you can choose to get this before or after waking the Wiggler. This treasure contains a Croaka Cola.

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The final Hidden Treasure in the Forest Maze — and arguably the most useful — is found in the final room. Before heading past the Save Block, head to the south corner of the area and jump around to eventually reveal the treasure. Inside is a Red Essence, one of the rarest and most powerful items in the game.

Notably, this is the only Hidden Treasure to be relocated in the remake. It was originally found just before the maze-like portion where you follow Geno, in the right corner of the room next to the maze’s entrance.

The contents of the chest haven’t changed, and no other Hidden Treasures were altered outside of the increased ease of access for the one in Peach’s Castle.

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Two Hidden Treasures can be found in the Pipe Vault, found in a room accessed from the line of pipes filled with Piranha Plants. Defeat the very first one you see and enter the pipe to gain access to this unique location.

Both treasures can be found on the upper walkway, but you’ll need to jump near its western ledge to find a hidden platform that allows you to reach up there. Both chests can be found by simply jumping along the walkway, and each one contains one Frog Coin.

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While it’s technically designated as its ownregion, Yo’ster Isle has only one Hidden Treasure. It’s found just next to the Save Block in the pipe room’s northern corner. Like the treasures in the Pipe Vault, this one contains a single Frog Coin.

Moleville Region Hidden Treasures

There are seven Hidden Treasures in the Moleville Region. Despite being in this region, none of them are found in the mole-related areas.

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The first room of Booster Pass contains two Hidden Treasures. The first is found on a ledge in the northern portion of the room. Jump on the artichoke-like bush nearby to reach the ledge, then jump on the one on the ledge itself to find the treasure. This one contains an instant-use Flower.

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The next Hidden Treasure is found near the top-right exit of the room, in the northern corner of the mountain’s peak. This treasure contains a Rock Candy.

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When climbing Booster Tower, you’ll come across a stairway that’s quickly filled with blue Snifits. The Hidden Treasure is located just by the northern corner of this room. Despite its close proximity to the Snifits, no battles are required to hit it. You’ll get one Frog Coin out of this treasure.


The next Hidden Treasure is found just after being launched higher up the tower by a Thwomp. Once you enter the room it’s in, head as far left as you can to find it. One Frog Coin is found in this treasure.

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The last two Hidden Treasures in Booster Tower are in the room with the final Save Block, just before Booster’s room leading to the balcony. The first treasure can be found by jumping on the already visible ?block with careful platforming. It contains the unique Goodie Bag item, allowing players to gain more coins during battles.

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The final Hidden Treasure in Booster Tower is found in the southern corner of the same room, containing only an instant-use Mushroom. It can be helpful when preparing for the upcoming boss battle — or battles, depending on your reflexes — but if you’ve already cleared the tower, the only point of getting it is for the sake of completion.

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The final Hidden Treasure of the region is located in Marrymore’s hotel. The non-luxury room will contain the treasure, floating above the western cabinets. Jump on the cabinets and then jump into the block to get another Frog Coin.

Star Hill Region & Land’s End Region

The Star Hill Region only has one Hidden Treasure. On the other hand, the Land’s End Region has ten.

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The only Hidden Treasure in the Star Hill Region is on the Sunken Ship. While travelling through the ship, you’ll end up in a small room where a mirrored Mario will halt your progress. By jumping around the middle of the room, you’ll find a hidden J block that reveals the Hidden Treasure. Shuffle against the false Mario and use his head as a stepping stool to reach the treasure, allowing you to get a Croaka Cola.

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The first treasure in Land’s End is located by the floating platform in the first room. Carefully time a north-facing jump as the platform reaches its peak and you’ll get your hands on a Red Essence.

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The next Hidden Treasure is found after launching yourself into a hole filled with Chows. Like with the Pipe Vault treasures, you’ll need to jump and reveal a hidden platform that grants access to the ledge it’s on. After revealing the platform, use the cannon to launch yourself to it and hit the block on the leftmost corner of the ledge. Inside is another Croaka Cola.

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The next Hidden Treasure is found in the grassy area with purple flowers. Along the southeastern corner of the room, jump across from the two flowers next to each other. With careful positioning, you’ll hit the invisible block on your way and get a single Frog Coin as your reward.

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Another Hidden Treasure containing a Frog Coin can be found in a secret cavern. In the bridge minigame room, you can enter a large hole in the northern cliff to reach a large cave. As you head through the area, you’ll find a Chow patrolling a portion of the cave with an odd floor shape. Jump in this portion’s northmost corner and you’ll find the treasure.

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Belome Temple has two Hidden Treasures of its own, both found in the same room. Just before the elevator leading to Belome, you’ll come across a couple of ? blocks. The first Hidden Treasure is found on top of the first visible block, accessed by jumping on the nearby ledges and then jumping onto the block itself. You’ll get one Frog Coin out of this treasure.

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The second treasure is simply located by jumping against the northern corner of the room after going down the stairs. It also contains one Frog Coin.

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Monstro Town has a Hidden Treasure of its own, located in the rightmost door of the area. Another door inside will let you return to the map, but you shouldn’t enter it just yet. Instead, jump between the nearby flowery bush and the left wall to reveal the Hidden Treasure, containing yet another Frog Coin inside.

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Bean Valley has three more Hidden Treasures to find in the region. The first can be found after entering the first eastern pipe and then jumping around the left portion of the area, just next to the hills. One more Frog Coin can be found within.

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The next two treasures are found in pipes covered by Chewies. You’ll need to wait for the nearby Beezo to water each Chewy before you can fight them, clearing the path down each pipe. The bottom-right pipe will have its Hidden Treasure located just down and left from the visible ? block. Your reward for getting it is the last Croaka Cola available from Hidden Treasures.

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The last Hidden Treasure of this region is found in the rightmost pipe. Jump along the eastern corner of the room and you’ll find the treasure. This will contain the final Red Essence available from Hidden Treasures.

Nimbus Land Region & Bowser’s Keep Region

The Nimbus Land region has five Hidden Treasures. All Hidden Treasures in this region contain one Frog Coin each. The final Hidden Treasure is in the Bowser’s Keep region, though it isn’t actually in Bowser’s Keep itself.

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You can find the first Hidden Treasure by jumping on the boxes in Nimbus Land’s shop. Simply jump on the boxes in the back and you’ll gain access to the treasure without issue.

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Two Hidden Treasures can be found in the same room in Nimbus Castle. When reaching the choice of three doors, enter the leftmost door and you’ll eventually come across a corridor with stairs. One Hidden Treasure can be found at the eastern exit of the room while the other can be reached by walking off of a broken piece of the floor.

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The next Hidden Treasure is found after defeating Birdo. When reaching a familiar room, this time with you on the upper ledge, you’ll need to jump on the visible ? block to get the treasure.

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The last Hidden Treasure in Nimbus Castle is only found after defeating Valentina. It’s in the room with the three doors, located in the uppermost corner of the area. This is the last of all Hidden Treasures to have a lasting reward in Super Mario RPG, meaning it’s the last one worth getting if you’re not going for 100% completion.

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The very last Hidden Treasure you’ll have access to is in the Weapon World. It’s located next to the second Save Block of the location, in the left corner of the room. An instant-use Mushroom is inside, allowing you to heal before an upcoming boss fight.

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Is There a Reward for Finding All Hidden Treasures in Super Mario RPG?

Unfortunately, even after finding all the Hidden Treasures in the game, Mario will not receive any substantial reward. At most, you can visit a Comeon in Monstro Town and it will express surprise at how you found every Hidden Treasure. Unlike getting 100 Super Jumps, the only reward is simple satisfaction at your own persistence.

Despite the lack of a final reward, nearly all Hidden Treasures in Super Mario RPG are useful in some way. In total, you’ll find 21 Frog Coins, 6 Croaka Colas, 4 instant-use Flowers, 3 Red Essences, 2 instant-use Mushrooms, a Rock Candy, and the unique Goodie Bag. Even if there isn’t a great reward for getting all Hidden Treasures in Super Mario RPG, it’s worthwhile to find them all simply for what’s inside of them.

- This article was updated on November 20th, 2023

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