All Immernachtreich Keep Treasure Chest Locations in Genshin Impact

Check out where to find all the chests featured on Fischl's Immernachtreich Keep domain

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Genshin Impact‘s version 2.8 Immernachtreich Keep realm, also known as Fischl’s domain, features not only a wide array of puzzles, but also 10 treasure chests, with 3 being featured on the domain’s part 1, 2 on part 2, and 4 on part 3, but where are each of them placed? Now, to answer that and more here’s the location of all the treasure chests featured on Fischl’s Immernachtreich Keep domain.

Where to Find All the Treasure Chests on Immernachtreich Keep Part 1

The first two chests can be found at the top of a couple of staircases featured above the area where you must help Leon out of the cellar. You can get to the chests by making use of the Gaze of the Deep mechanisms to fix each set of stairs. It is also possible to reach the chests by making use of Geo constructs, or by using Keqing’s Stiletto.


You can get the third and final chest featured on the first part of the domain by going to an area only available after entering through the path located between the two staircases. To reach the chest, you just need to drop to the area below the one featuring the enemies. The chest will feature a Nightwatch Contract.


Where to Find All the Treasure Chests on Immernachtreich Keep Part 2

Just like in the domain’s first part, you can find a total of 3 treasure chests after diving into the second book. With that said, the first chest can be found by going to the area where you found Fischl’s conch and then jumping down to a ledge located right, at the side of the bridge.


The second chest can be found by heading to the area located in front of the spot where you found Fischl’s conch. Once there, just continue towards the path and head to a tower surrounded by a wooden staircase. The chest will be located at the end of the set of stairs. To make things easier, you will be able to recognize the tower by the presence of a few Hilichurls.


The area’s third and final treasure chest can be found by going to the path located right from the entrance of the room where you found Leon. You will be able to find the chest by a fountain located at the end of the path.


Where to Find All the Treasure Chests on Part 3

As we said above, differently from the first two areas featured as part of the Immernachtreich Keep domain, the third part features a total of 4 treasure chests, with the first one being located at the top of a ladder right from the area where you found the toy castle. You can find the chest by heading to the said ladder, which will be located north of the path, and then turning right after climbing it.


To find the second chest you need to first head back to the ladder. Once you do that, go back towards the first cube in the area and go right until you spot the chest on a horizontal rooftop.


The third chest can be found by returning to the toy castle area and, this time, going left from the Door of Resurrection. Once you do that, follow the path and then head towards a horizontal rooftop. The Chest will be located there.


The fourth and final chest featured in the Fischl domain can be found by making use of the wind currents leading to the place where you had to save Leon to glide left towards a lower structure, which will be identifiable by its’s two Gaze of the Deep mechanisms. Once in the area, just head left, as the chest will be located on a narrow ledge by the left tower.


Genshin Impact is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices – Android, and iOS.

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