Where to Use Nightwatch Contracts in Genshin Impact

Putting the Letters You’ve Gotten From Fischl’s Domain to Use.

by Weilong Mao


The Nightwatch Contracts are documents players might have gotten from the chests in Fischl’s domain while exploring the newest content of Genshin Impact. Though players might be disappointed due to the chest rewards not being Primo gems, those documents still have their uses in the Golden Apple Archipelago. This guide will outline the purpose of these Nightwatch Contracts and where they can be displayed for additional benefits while traversing through the castle grounds of the Twinning Isles.

What Are Nightwatch Contracts and Where to Use Them in Genshin Impact

A total of 5 Nightwatch Contracts exist, and they are all obtainable from the Fischl Domain. Players most likely would have at least a few contracts on hand if they’ve found their fair share of chests while going through Fischl’s event quest in the newest patch of Genshin Impact. The Nightwatch Contracts are items that can be shown as a certificate of authentication to a select few night ravens who reside in the bounds of the Immernachtreich Keep.

Most night ravens who are presented with the contract will only open up new avenues of travel by generating additional wind currents and Anemo rings, but will not offer actual rewards, except for one raven in particular. Keep this in mind if you are looking to gain some Primogems for trading those contracts in. With that said, here is a list of the night ravens who will accept Nightwatch Contracts from you:

Flight Master

The Flight master is a lone night raven statue located in an isolated part of Fischl’s castle, on the bridge of two connecting towers. Start from the Immernachtreich Keep waypoint and head downstairs. Go outside from the hall and take a left, down more stairs made of stone pavements until you’ve reached a platform made of wooden planks. Jump off in the direction of the floating tower and open your wind glider, wind currents will appear and carry the player to the bridge where they can meet the Flight Master.


The Flight Master will issue a flight challenge when presented with the Nightwatch contract. Complete the challenge and speak to the NPC again to get a common chest for your troubles.

Night Raven Boss

This night raven statue is at the top of a cliff on the upper parts of the conjoined isles to the right of the bottom Twinning Isles Waypoint. A player’s best bet for arriving at the location in question is to glide from the roof of the nearby castles, as scaling the mountain might prove difficult due to its jagged surface. When talked to, the Night Raven Boss will ask the player to present their Nightwatch Contract. If done so, the NPC will open up an airway that allows the player to travel through the upper parts of the twinning isles in the air, taking in the scenery at their own pace.


If spoken to after traveling through the airway and landing back at the original location, the Night Raven Boss will reopen the airway again for the player.

Night Raven Flight Attendants

The Remaining three NPCs who will accept Nightwatch Contracts from you supposedly run an airline that provides the player with ease of travel between three different Stops. The easiest way to locate the first flight attendant is to start from the Immernachtreich Keep waypoint and take the path that leads to the Flight Master. Instead of gliding off the wooden platform,  head through the tunnels until you see a stand to your right, just a little in front of the flight attendant, standing behind a makeshift reception desk.


Speak to the flight attendant and it will ask you to present a Nightwatch contract to hitch a ride on its airlines, do so and it’ll open up the airways for travel to the locations where other flight attendants are located. Talk to the other flight attendants to use your remaining Nightwatch Contracts and open up the airline for full usage. The three locations are as follows:

  • The Mid-Mountain Stop (Where you started)
  • The Summit Stop
  • The Castle Lookout Stop

The above should cover all the NPCs that can accept Nightwatch Contracts from the player. Players looking to get further acquainted with night ravens should sit through their drama play to relax and unwind. As for players looking to get Fischl’s skin or to get more Primogems from the island puzzles and events, more exploration is likely in order.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.


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