All Kill Rates for Every Killer in Dead by Daylight

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell


The Dead by Daylight team has provided all kill rates for every Killer in Dead by Daylight for September 2022. The Dead by Daylight team mentioned wanting to raise a Killer’s kill rate through perk overhauls and base gameplay changes. They achieved this as the average kill rate went from 51% to 53% to 56% to 61% since June 2022. We have provided this data to you in an easy-to-read format so you can see the kill rate of your favorite Killer(s).

All Kill Rates for Every Killer in Dead by Daylight

The Dead by Daylight team has provided kill rates using two different methods:

  • All MMRs: 59.1% average kill rate for all Killers in September 2022
  • Top 5% MMRs: 61.3% average kill rate for all Killers in September 2022

A couple of notes:

  • These percentages are the average number of Survivors killed by each Killer in a trial.
  • The percentage data has been rounded up to make the charts easier to read. The alphabetic lists have their exact percentages.
  • MMR stands for Matchmaking Ratings. The Top 5% are most likely players over the soft cap MMR of 1600.

All MMRS – Chart


All MMRs – Alphabetical List:

Killer Kill Rate
Artist 60.75%
Blight 57.72%
Cannibal 59.10%
Cenobite 63.79%
Clown 57.97%
Deathslinger 57.56%
Demogorgon 55.60%
Doctor 55.12%
Dredge 61.64%
Executioner 58.18%
Ghostface 58.04%
Hag 59.62%
Hillbilly 54.44%
Huntress 57.29%
Legion 60.16%
Mastermind 63.08%
Nemesis 59.84%
Nightmare 62.70%
Nurse 52.84%
Oni 58.62%
Onryo 63.77%
Pig 61.84%
Plague 61.72%
Shape 60.25%
Spirit 60.87%
Trapper 56.50%
Trickster 53.12%
Twins 57.58%
Wraith 58.36%

Top 5% MMRs – Chart


Top 5% MMRs – Alphabetical List:

Killer Kill Rate
Artist 59.08%
Blight 61.34%
Cannibal 57.81%
Cenobite 61.41%
Clown 58.56%
Deathslinger 58.49%
Demogorgon 57.21%
Doctor 58.69%
Dredge 62.17%
Executioner 58.20%
Ghostface 58.52%
Hag 59.89%
Hillbilly 59.78%
Huntress 58.49%
Legion 59.50%
Mastermind 65.82%
Nemesis 58.47%
Nightmare 59.55%
Nurse 61.22%
Oni 61.54%
Onryo 61.40%
Pig 60.30%
Plague 63.13%
Shape 59.89%
Spirit 61.09%
Trapper 56.36%
Trickster 58.75%
Twins 59.98%
Wraith 60.06%

Why Should I Care?

First, it is fun to see a killer’s success based on the data pulled from each MMR category. As a killer main, you know how to rank killers based on their success in sacrificing Survivors. As a Survivor, you know what killers you will most likely see in any given match and how successful they can be, which gives you insight into what perk build and items you should be running.

Second, this data is crucial because the Dead by Daylight team uses it to see how well (or bad) recent changes have done. This includes perk overhaul and base gameplay changes that significantly change the game’s meta. This data also allows the Dead by Daylight team to see how successful (or unsuccessful) they have been with their goals. In this case, they successfully raised the average kill rate.

Finally, the Dead by daylight team takes the player base’s input to heart, so you must understand this data to leave them proper feedback. They will use this feedback when deciding on adjustments, adding new features, or removing existing mechanics.

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Dead by Daylight is currently available for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, iOS, and Android.

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