All Levels in Sonic Frontiers

But you still might be wondering: do these levels let you go fast?

by J.R. Waugh


Sonic Frontiers is a sign of a new direction for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, one which pivots more in the direction of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey instead of his more gimmicky recent 3D outings. The game is being made as a celebration of the series’ 20th anniversary and lets you play as Sonic while you explore the Starfall Islands after being separated from your friends, Tails, and Amy when Sonic falls through a wormhole. The game features sharper visuals than any mainline Sonic game in the past, a new format for exploratory, open-ended gameplay called ‘Open Zones,’ and is a hopeful return to form first established in 3D Sonic by Sonic Adventure. Read on for our coverage on All the Levels in Sonic Frontiers so far!

All Levels in Sonic Frontiers

The levels in Sonic Frontiers are not wholly the same type, instead following formats of larger ‘Open Zones’ as well as smaller ‘Cyber Space’ zones which can be opened up with Portal Gears. While the Open Zones will have a more novel feel and feel more grandiose and open to exploration, Cyber Space zones will be smaller, more linear, and feel more like classic 3D Sonic, with designs inspired by previous entries, shifting between 3D and 2D views. Read on for lists of each of the following types of levels:

All Open Zone Levels in Sonic Frontiers

The Open Zones are inspired by the Adventure Fields found in Sonic Adventure, but with far greater freedom to explore and seamless integrations of Sonic gameplay mechanics including puzzles, side quests, combat, and more.

  • Kronos Island, a grassy zone
  • Ares Island, a desert zone
  • Unnamed Zone 1
  • Unnamed Zone 2
  • Unnamed Zone 3

The list will be amended once more details come to light about Sonic Frontiers. There is speculation about possible ice, beach, and industrial biomes, but until there is further confirmation, this is all hypothetical.

Cyber Space Levels

Kronos Island

  • 1-1: A Green Hill-inspired stage
  • 1-2: A Sky Sanctuary-inspired stage
  • 1-3: A Speed Highway-inspired stage
  • 1-4: A Green Hill-inspired stage at sunset
  • 1-5: A Chemical Plant-inspired stage
  • 1-6: A Green Hill Zone-inspired stage
  • 1-7: A Speed Highway-inspired stage at nighttime
  • Unnamed Rooftop Run-inspired stage
  • Unnamed “metropolis”-inspired stage

Some leaks suggest what the Ares Island cyber space levels could be, but take these with a grain of salt:

Ares Island

  • Water Palace
  • Emerald Coast
  • Sunset Heights
  • Egg Fleet
  • Green Forest

As more details come out about the various Cyber Space stages and how many might be available for other Open Zones. The game also features two distinct styles for different types of players, Action Style, allowing precise platforming for newer players to the series, and High Speed style for those familiar with the blazing speeds you can reach in previous Sonic games. Be sure to keep an eye out for updates!

This concludes our coverage of All the Levels in Sonic Frontiers so far! Be sure to check out our other guides for the game!

Sonic Frontiers speeds onto the market on November 8, 2022, for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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