All Lighthouse Exits, Loot, Keys & Stashes in Escape From Tarkov

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by JB Cachila
Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse map
Image: Battlestate Games

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov is a difficult game, especially for players who are not used to shooters with extraction missions. One particular map, the Lighthouse at Cape Dalniy, shows this with its introduction of the Rogue faction, new bosses, and secret stashes all spread out across a vast location. To help you successfully complete the map, here’s a guide showing you the location of exits, keys, and the loot you can get in the Lighthouse.

All Lighthouse Exits in Escape From Tarkov

There are several exits in the Lighthouse map—some of them are used by Scavs, some by PMCs, and some can be used by everyone. Many of them are even only accessible at a certain time, and some will require you to meet certain criteria in order to use them.

Neutral Extracts

Image: Battlestate Games (edited by Attack of the Fanboy)

The Armored Train arrives within the last 20 mins of the raid and stays for only seven mins before leaving. This means you need to arrive at the right time to exit here. It honks at different times: twice upon arrival, once one minute before departure, and twice again when closing doors.

The Side Tunnel requires you to cooperate with another character to exit here. You must be a Scav accompanied by any PMC. The exit is located inside a room to the left, accessible after entering the tunnel. You can also exit via the Path to Shoreline.

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PMC Extracts

Image: Battlestate Games (edited by Attack of the Fanboy)

The Mountain Pass requires you to have some items so you can exit. Specifically, you’ll need one Paracord and one Red Rebel ice pick. You must not have any armor vest equipped as well.

Meanwhile, the Road to Military Base V-Ex requires you to have 5,000 roubles per player. This fee goes higher or lower depending on your Scav karma. Make sure to be wary of snipers beyond the vehicle in the area. You can also exit via the Northern Checkpoint and the Southern Road.

Scav Extracts

Image: Battlestate Games (edited by Attack of the Fanboy)

Exit points for Scavs can be found in the Hideout Under the Landing Stage, the Industrial Zone Gates, the Scav Hideout at the Grotto, and the Southern Road Landslide. Make sure to check the maps above for these points’ specific locations.

All Lighthouse Loot locations

Image: Battlestate Games (edited by Attack of the Fanboy)

The Lighthouse map has a lot of loose loot scattered around its various areas. Since the map features several buildings, facilities, as well as some open spaces, you should expect to find interesting finds just about anywhere.

For example:

  • the cottages could have tons of loot for you to get
  • the water treatment plant contains weapons
  • the indoor areas contain medical loot

The larger circles above indicate that there could be more than one loot lying around in that area. Be careful moving around so that you might avoid running across some Rogues, or at least survive potential encounters.

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Where to find all keys in the Lighthouse map

Image: Battlestate Games (edited by Attack of the Fanboy)

The Lighthouse also has a lot of locked doors in various areas. Below is a table showing the keys you need to use to open the locks, as well as the loot you can expect to find after successfully unlocking them:

Convenience Store Storage keyMedcase/Medbag, Loose Loot
Hillside House keyJacket, Sport Bag, Loose Loot
Merin Car Trunk keyLoose Valuables, Loose Loot
Police Truck Cabin keyLoose Loot
Rogue USEC Stash keyWeapon Box (5×2), Weapon Box (4×4), Weapon Box (5×5), Loose Loot
Rogue USEC Workshop keyToolbox, Jacket, Loose Loot
USEC First Safe keyLoose Valuables
USEC Second Safe keyLoose Valuables
Shared Bedroom Marked keySport Bag, Jacket, Medcase/Medbag, Loose Valuables
Water Treatment Plant Storage Room keyWooden Crate, Toolbox, Loose Loot
Radar Station Commandant Room keyJacket, Weapons Box (4×4), PC Block, Loose Valuables, Loose Loot
Conference Room keyDrawer, PC Block, Weapon Box (4×4), Loose Valuables, Loose Loot
Operating Room keyMedcase/Medbag, Loose Currency, Loose Loot
Rogue Usec Barrack keyWeapon Box (5×2), Weapon Box(4×4), Toolbox, Wooden Ammo Box, Loose Loot

All Lighthouse Stashes You Can Pick Up in Escape from Tarkov

Image: Battlestate Games (edited by Attack of the Fanboy)

Several stashes can be found scattered around the Lighthouse map in Escape from Tarkov. You can find pretty much everything you’d want or need to get from these stashes, making it absolutely important that you find them. Your status as a PMC or Scav can also affect what you can get, so try finding them as a PMC or a Scav.

Check the map above for the location of stashes in the Lighthouse map. There are many more items to find on the map, such as dead Scavs and weapon boxes, so be sure to check areas that are not indicated in the image above, particularly the areas indicated in the loot section above. This is because the items in this map tend to be placed near one another, so that you won’t miss them.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2023