Finding Your Location in Escape From Tarkov: How to Tell Where You Are During a Raid

Just pull over and ask for directions

by J.T. Isenhour


Knowing your location on a map in Escape From Tarkov is really important. While you can find cover in a fight just by looking around, in order to know where to go for loot you will first need to know where you are. While Escape From Tarkov does have a compass for you to pull out in raid and tell what direction you are facing, it doesn’t do much for telling you where you are on a map. Let’s go over how you can figure out your location on any Escape From Tarkov Map.

How to Tell Your Location in Escape From Tarkov

While you may think the simple solution to figure out where you are in a raid is to buy a map and carry it on you. However, all you gain by having an in-game map on you is a static map to look at, with no maker on it to identify your location. This can still be useful though as you learn the real way to figure out where you are in a raid, to learn landmarks.

Landmarks are a key feature in Escape From Tarkov and if you talk to any veteran player they will know most if not all landmarks in the game. That’s because they are so useful for telling your location on a map. all maps have a landmark or two that can be seen from anywhere on the map, that way at any point in a raid you can orient yourself.

On some maps, an outer wall is a great landmark to figure out where you are. For example, Woods has a huge lake that borders the South side of the map. At almost any point as you explore the map you can run straight South and will hit the lake at some point. This can be useful as the lake is on the same half of the map as Jaeger’s camp.


Finding a wall is great if you are truly lost, but for the most part, you will just want to stick to landmarks. If you think you are in a safe place and can afford to tab out of the game, you can always pull up an external map and look at the landmarks on it to try to place yourself. Using an external map is better on maps with buildings like Customs and Reserve. If you are on Woods or Shoreline you will be better off just trying to find a wall and follow it.

As you play more of Escape From Tarkov, you will get better at passively knowing where you are on a map and figuring out new routes to take. Eventually, you will get to the point you where you will easily be able to tell where you are just by looking around on a map and thinking back to past experiences. If you need any more help with Escape From Tarkov make sure to check out our other guides.

Escape From Tarkov is available on PC.

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