Escape From Tarkov: How to Get a Sewing Kit

Time for some sewing!

by Gordon Bicker


Escape from Tarkov has grown exponentially over the years with new players delving into the fray on a frequent basis. Notably, new content updates have kept the experience fresh and have always kept players looking for more from their enjoyable game experience. Now, Escape from Tarkov has brought in a new patch and along with it arrives new items that players are having some difficulty in actually finding. This guide will take you through how to get a Sewing Kit in Escape from Tarkov and what they are.

What Sewing Kits are in Escape from Tarkov and What They are Used For

The name is very much self-explanatory, Sewing Kits are simply a type of item that takes on the form of the Sewing Kit. In turn, this resource can be utilised for the hideout crafting and trading of particular items that will give you an advantage on the battlefield more than usual. Whether you’re hoping for a console release or taking to the field with your trusty PC, this resource will be very beneficial for you to collect for crafting.

Sewing Kits can be used for crafting the ‘Lavatory Level 2’ for the hideout and can also be used to obtain the following items which can be traded for with RagMan:

  • Eagle Industries “MMAC” Plate Carrier (Ranger Green)
  • FirstSpear “Strandhogg” Plate Carrier Rig (Ranger Green)

In order to obtain the Eagle Industries Plate Carrier, you will need one Sewing Kit and one piece of Ribstop Fabric. You will then need to trade with ‘RagMan LL2’ who can be found in ‘Interchange’. For the FirstSpear, you will need four Sewing Kits and Two Cordura Polyamide Fabric to then trade with ‘RagMan LL3’ for the item.

As you can observe, you will need to find a lot of Sewing Kits to get the greatest advantage for the items to be collected.

Where A Sewing Kit Can Be Found in Escape from Tarkov

Finding the Sewing Kits are a journey in itself for the process of finding them and preparing inventory space. Firstly, there are numerous places that players have spotted the kits for pickup even although there has been difficulty in finding them. One particular place to find them is on the ‘Lighthouse’ map similar to the new Metal Spare Parts and they can be found as loose loot once again. However, another location to discover them has been said to be in the ‘resort’ on various shelves.

Notably, another place where the Sewing Kits can be found are in the ‘Goshan Docks’. It has frequently been spotted on the metal shelves that are in the back hall. Overall, the Sewing Kits can be found throughout various maps and can commonly be found as ‘loose loot’ or ‘ground loot’. Interchange seems to be a great map for finding the Sewing Kits in so starting there may be a beneficial thing to begin the journey to find them.

Will you be collecting Sewing Kits in Escape from Tarkov this month?

Escape from Tarkov is available now on PC.

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