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Escape From Tarkov – How to Rotate Items

Inventory management can make your life a lot easier.

by Diego Perez


Inventory management is a necessary evil in video games, and Escape From Tarkov is no different. Keeping your gear and loot organized can make you more efficient out on raids, and nobody wants to be ambushed while messing with their inventory. Rotating items can clear some space, but the method of doing so isn’t incredibly apparent. This guide will tell you exactly how to rotate items in Escape From Tarkov so you can free up some room in your inventory.

How to Rotate Items in Escape From Tarkov

Rotating items in Escape From Tarkov is incredibly simple. All you have to do is click and hold on the item you want to rotate and then press the R key. Keep in mind that items can only be rotated if there is room for them to fit in your inventory in their new orientation, whether it be horizontally or vertically.

Keeping your inventory clean and organized can help you loot more efficiently, and being able to make some extra room in your inventory can allow you to pick up more gear while out on raids, letting you bring back more stuff when you successfully extract. Splitting ammo stacks can also help you with inventory management, or it can also help you share resources when playing with friends.


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