All Merry Magoland Missions in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe

Complete missions and master every subgame in Merry Magoland!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

Even when ignoring the game’s main story, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe has plenty of content to offer. This is partially thanks to Merry Magoland, a central hub for the title’s subgames. This hub has special missions that can help players unlock new items, including special masks based off of popular Kirby characters. Long-time fans and newcomers alike will want to keep track of all Merry Magoland missions available!

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe — How to Complete All Merry Magoland Missions

Though Return to Dream Land Deluxe is a remake of a particularly beloved Kirby title, Merry Magoland is practically a new game itself thanks to the sheer number of missions it boasts. There are 100 missions for players to complete. Many of these missions are generic subgame specific tasks that can easily be lumped together. These generic missions include:

  • Play the specified subgame for the first time.
  • Win in all difficulty settings for a specified subgame.
  • Complete all other missions for a specified subgame.
  • Wear a special mask for the specified subgame.

Each subgame has its own unique mask that players should wear to clear their missions. There are also some extra missions that aren’t tied to a single game. It’s fairly simple to keep track of the basics, but players might have a tough time handling more difficult missions. It might help to go over the tutorial of each subgame again by pressing X on their difficulty selection, as certain missions will heavily test your knowledge of the game’s mechanics.

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Ignoring the generic missions shared by all subgames, these are all the missions players should keep an eye on in Merry Magoland:

  • Egg Catcher Missions (Special Mask: King Dedede)
    • Catch at least 10 eggs in a single round on Level 1.
    • Catch at least 15 eggs during a single round on Level 2.
    • Catch at least 20 eggs in a single round on Level 3.
    • Catch a total of 100 eggs.
  • Samurai Kirby Missions (Special Mask: Waddle Doo)
    • Beat 10 rivals in a row without being defeated yourself.
    • Beat 5 rivals in a row while playing solo on HARD difficulty.
    • Beat a total of 30 rivals.
  • Checkerboard Chase Missions (Special Mask: Adeleine)
    • With a CPU rival present, cause 5 or more rivals to fall in a single round on Easy difficulty.
    • Win a game on Normal difficulty with a CPU rival present without falling more than once.
    • Win within one minute on Hard difficulty while a CPU rival is present.
    • Cause a total of 50 rivals to fall.
    • Last for the first 30 seconds of Intense! difficulty without falling while a CPU rival is present.
  • Bomb Rally Missions (Special Mask: Nightmare Wizard)
    • Deal a smash hit to the bomb three times in a row.
    • Win a match using only reverse hits.
    • Return a bomb sent your way with a smash hit by using a smash hit yourself.
    • Win two games in a row on Level 3.
    • Hit bombs a total of 50 times.
  • Crackity Hack Missions (Special Mask: Dark Meta Knight)
    • Win Level 1 with a score of 900.00 or higher.
    • Get a score of 999.99 on Level 2.
    • Win two games in a row on Level 3.
    • Earn a total score of 5,000.00.
  • Smash Ride Missions (Special Mask: Daroach)
    • Hit two or more rivals off of the arena at once with a single Smash attack.
    • Last the first 20 seconds of a round without falling off of the arena.
    • Win Level 2 with a score of 20 points or higher.
    • Make every Squeak fall during a single game on Level 3.
    • Knock rivals out of the arena a total of 70 times.
  • Kirby on the Draw Missions (Special Mask: Marx)
    • Win without hitting any Bombers.
    • Win while always having at least one bullet in your gun.
    • Hit a Magolor target on Level 2.
    • Get 700 points or more on Level 3.
    • Hit a total of 200 targets.
  • Ninja Dojo Missions (Special Mask: Bandana Waddle Dee)
    • Get 3 bull’s-eyes in a row in a single round.
    • Hit a bull’s-eye on a target where Magolor shows up on Warrior difficulty.
    • Earn at least 1000 points in a single round on Master difficulty.
    • Hit a total of 30 bull’s-eyes.
  • Magolor’s Tome Trackers Missions (Special Mask: Elfilin)
    • Find 5 tomes in a row before any rival can grab them.
    • Win without grabbing a single incorrect tome.
    • Get 7 Gold Magic Tomes in a single round on Level 2.
    • Get at least 18 points in a single round on Level 3.
    • Earn a total of 100 points.
  • Booming Blasters Missions (Special Mask: Susie)
    • Hit two or more rivals with a single blast of the Super Shot.
    • Hit rivals with at least 3 overhead shots in a single round.
    • Defeat all rivals on Level 2.
    • Win Level 3 with your health at half or more.
    • Hit rivals a total of 30 times.
  • Extra Missions
    • Play subgames a certain number of times.
      • You reach one milestone when having played 10 times and the next when having played 50 times.
    • Play every attraction at least once.
      • There is a separate mission for clearing every difficulty at least once.
    • Play Magoland Tour at least once.
    • Earn 1st place on all tour difficulties.
    • Duel in Samurai Kirby 100.
    • Reach 20th place or higher in Samurai Kirby 100.
    • Clear a stage in Main Mode while using Merry Magoland items.
      • One mission needs you to wear a mask while another needs you to use a souvenir item.
    • Listen to Magolor’s facts in the Entrance Plaza at least 5 times.
    • Find a Hidden Magolor sticker somewhere in the plaza.
    • Complete a certain number of Stamp Rallies.
    • There are milestones at 10, 30, and 50 Stamp Rallies completed.

Clearing every mission for a specific subgame will reward you with the ability to change its music. Additionally, clearing multiple missions will add decorations of Dream Friends to Merry Magoland, unlocking new masks and making the plaza a bit prettier.

Image: Nintendo

However, completing all Merry Magoland missions isn’t the end. There are an additional 20 “True Extra” missions, though you can work towards each one while you’re completing the first 100. These are the extra missions you’ll need to complete for true 100% completion, with the exception of the obligatory “complete every mission” objective:

  • Catch at least 28 eggs in one round on Level 3 of Egg Catcher.
  • Clear Samurai Kirby solo on HARD difficulty twice in a row.
  • Win Checkerboard Chase on Intense! difficulty with a CPU player present without falling once.
    • You’ll also need to do this on High-Speed Mode.
  • Smash the bomb 7 times in one round on Level 3 of Bomb Rally.
  • Win Level 3 of Bomb Rally three times in a row.
  • Win Level 3 of Crackity Hack three times in a row.
  • Win a round of Smash Ride on any difficulty without falling.
  • Win a round of Smash Ride on Level 3 with at least 20 points.
  • Reach 800 points in a single round on Level 3 of Kirby on the Draw.
  • Win Level 3 of Kirby on the Draw while always having at least one bullet in your gun.
  • Get at least 8 bull’s-eyes in a single round on Master difficulty of Ninja Dojo.
  • Find 6 Magic Tomes in a row in a single round on Level 2 of Magolor’s Tome Trackers.
  • Win Level 3 of Magolor’s Tome Trackers with a score of at least 20.
  • Win Level 3 of Booming Blasters without taking any damage.
  • Hit all three rivals with a single Super Shot in Booming Blasters.
  • Reach 10th place or higher in Samurai Kirby 100.
  • Play subgames a total of 100 times.
  • Get first place in all rounds of a level 3 tour while wearing the Manager Magolor mask.

Simply put, players will have their work cut out for them if they want to do everything they can in Merry Magoland. But with enough perseverance and plenty of luck, even the most difficult missions can be completed!

- This article was updated on February 25th, 2023