Top 10 Kirby Games of All Time

Find the best Kirby games to lose yourself in with this list!

by Shaun Cichacki

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a world of whimsy and magic, you can’t go wrong with the Kirby series. No matter what kind of gamer you are, there is plenty to love in the adventures of this magical pink puffball, as you journey through worlds of wonder and excitement.

You’ll never have a bad time when it comes to a Kirby game, but some stand above the crowd when it comes to innovation and excitement. You’ll always have fun, and have a hard time wiping the smile off of your face when you’re playing through these adventures, but if you’re looking for the best times to be had with Kirby, take a look at the 10 Best Kirby Games available!

Top 10 Kirby Games Ever Make

10. Kirby’s Dream Course


When you think of Kirby, you normally may think of his platforming adventures, but as it turns out, Kirby works extremely well as a golf ball. You and your friends will need to put your best scores to the test in this exciting golf-inspired title, where you use the titular Kirby as your ball. Make your way through fun and creative courses, as you aim to get the best score possible.

9. Kirby: Star Allies


While it may not be the most exciting or innovative Kirby title, Kirby: Star Allies lets you and 3 friends take to the platforming world, with countless opportunities to explore alongside plenty of faces from the franchise. You’ll be able to be in control of characters that haven’t been seen in years as you make your way through these stages, and collect different powerups to help you breeze through these colorful worlds.

8. Kirby And The Rainbow Curse


Taking the fun and creativity of Kirby: Canvas Curse and bringing it to the big screen, you’ll need to use your brain and your stylus to help Kirby make his way through inventive levels. You won’t be in direct control of your favorite pink puffball in this title, rather you’ll be drawing paths for him to roll through using the Wii U gamepad. With its unique clay aesthetic, you’ll find one of the most beautiful Kirby games, alongside some of the most inventive gameplay that the series has to offer!

7. Kirby’s Pinball Land


Sometimes, simplicity is key when it comes to making a memorable title, and Kirby’s Pinball Land is one fine example of this principle. You’ll only have a few buttons to use, as this was released on the original Gameboy, but taking Kirby through different worlds based on his previous adventures is entertaining, especially since you’ll be using him as the pinball itself. A very fun time-waster, even if it isn’t the most in-depth game ever created.

6. Kirby Superstar Ultra


If you’re looking for a collection of some of the best Kirby games around, you can’t go wrong with Kirby Superstar Ultra. You’ll find an insanely good remaster of the original Kirby game here, alongside a few extras that make this package even more enticing. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better DS Kirby title, especially with the care that went into making this the definitive way to play through the original Kirby adventure.

5. Kirby Super Star


What makes Kirby Super Star unique is the fact that it took a total of 8 titles and put them all together in one convenient package. You’ll be able to play through many different unique titles, taking cues from other titles such as Metroid for inspiration with some of the titles in this compilation. One of the most unique adventures that Kirby has gotten to take part in, you’ll find some of his most exciting adventures are some of his most bizarre.

4. Kirby’s Dream Collection


In celebration of 20 years of Kirby, Kirby’s Dream Collection was released on the Wii, packing some of his greatest adventures onto one disk, allowing you to explore through 6 different adventures, ranging from Kirby’s Dream Land on the NES, to Kirby 64 for the Nintendo 64. You’ll find some of Kirby’s best adventures on this compilation, and having them all available in one place makes this even more exciting for owners of the Wii or Wii U.

3. Kirby Planet Robobot


Kirby saw a renewed life on the Nintendo 3DS, and also saw some of his greatest adventures take place on this portable system. You’ll be able to control Kirby as you make your way through stages that are out of this world, and also have control of a giant, pink mech that you can use to fight your way through the baddies that inhabit these new worlds. Paired with one of the best soundtracks in a Kirby title, you’ll be hooked from start to finish.

2. Kirby’s Return To Dreamland


If you’re looking for the classic gameplay that Kirby fans have grown to love, alongside some of the best co-op gameplay that the series has ever had, make sure you’re ready to bust out your Wii to play through Kirby’s Return To Dreamland. Bringing the classic gameplay to the big screen once more, you and 3 friends will be able to work together through classic worlds, as well as new lands to help each other through thick and thin once more. Everything in this game clicks just right and feels amazing while you play it.

1. Kirby and the Forgotten Land


The newest adventure that Kirby has partaken in is also his best entry to date, offering unparalleled freedom compared to previous titles in the series. In his first big break into the 3D realm, you’ll be in full control of Kirby for one of the first times, allowing you to access new parts of these inventive and imaginative worlds that you’ve never come across before. Make sure that you bring a friend along for the ride because the cooperative play in this game is some of the best that the series has to offer, as well.

And there we have it, 10 of the Best Kirby games that you’ll be able to partake in! While no Kirby game is truly bad, if you’re looking to find some of the best, you’ve found them here. Make sure that you’re checking in for updates on new Kirby titles, as well as helpful guides to help you if you’ve found yourself stuck in his newest adventure.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023