All Mob Vote Mobs for Minecraft Live 2023 & How to Vote

Help Mojang decide which mob deserves its Minecraft debut.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Pixel stylized images of the Crab, Armadillo, and Penguin Minecraft mobs
Image: Attack of the Fanboy, Mojang

Every year, the Minecraft community comes together to vote for their favorite new mob to be added to the game. In previous years, we’ve had the Mob Vote to thank for the Glow Squid, Allay, and, most recently, the Sniffer. But which exciting new creatures will we be choosing from in the 2023 Minecraft Mob Vote? In this guide, we cover all three mobs featured in Minecraft Live 2023’s Mob Vote and how you can vote for your favorite.

All Mobs in the Minecraft 2023 Mob Vote


Image: Mojang

The crab is the first mob revealed for the Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote. These crabptivating creatures live in Mangrove Swamps and love to help out players with building when they’re in a pinch.

The crab can help players place blocks further away, which can come in handy (clawy?) when building bridges and trying to get across tricky gaps.


Image: Mojang

Your second choice is the armadillo; these adorable and very rectangular creatures call the Desert and Savannah biomes their home. Spheres may not exist in Minecraft, but that doesn’t stop armadillos from curling up when frightened.

Armadillos drop Scute, which can be used to craft armor for wolves — a long-requested feature from Minecraft fans.

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Image: Mojang

Your third and final choice is everyone’s favorite flightless bird, the penguin. Penguins live in the Stony Shore biome, where they waddle on land and swim gracefully in the sea.

Curious penguins will hop on and around your boat, helping you to sail faster to your next destination. Their design is based on the real-life rockhopper penguin, with yellow crests above their eyes and on their cute little heads.

How to Vote on the Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

Image: Attack of the Fanboy, Mojang

The 2023 Minecraft Mob Vote officially opens at 1 pm EDT on October 13, 2023, and will last until October 15 at 1:15 pm EDT. The winner will be announced sometime during the Minecraft Live livestream, which starts at 1 pm EDT on October 15.

Players have three different ways to vote. The first involves joining the live event server in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. If you prefer Java or can’t hop in game, you can also vote on or directly in the Minecraft Launcher.

You need to sign in to your Microsoft account to vote, and your choice will only be counted once — no matter how many times you refresh or pull the lever. As much as I adore penguins, the wolf armor from the armadillo may just sway my vote.

Whichever mob you decide on, don’t forget to tune in to Minecraft Live on October 15 to see which one of these precious little guys makes it into Minecraft.

- This article was updated on October 5th, 2023

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