All Monsters in Evolve Stage 2

Ask your hunter which monster is right for you.

by J.T. Isenhour


In Evolve Stage 2 you are either a hunter that plays as a team or a monster that is fighting for their life. Depending on which monster you choose to play as your entire playstyle can change. Some monsters are stealth based while others encourage you to brawl it out with the hunters. To make your choice of monster even harder, some monsters have different variations. Let’s go over what each monster does in Evolve Stage 2.

All Monsters In Evolve Stage 2



Starting things off with the poster monster for Evolve we have the Goliath. This monster is designed to brawl with the hunters. It can get close to a weak hunter with its Charge and Leap Smash and can pick off a hunter at range with Rock Throw. If you manage to catch all of the hunters grouped up you can use your Fire Breath to deal a lot of damage across the whole team of hunters. Just make sure you don’t bite off more than you can handle as Goliath since you can be melted quite quickly. You may want to save your charge or leap smash to get yourself out of a sticky situation instead of only using them for damage.

Meteor Goliath


Although the Meteor Goliath is a reskinned Goliath it does have a pretty noticeable change in how it works. All of the Meteor Goliath’s attacks will set hunters on fire. On regular Goliath, the fire breath is the only attack that will leave afterburn on hunters, but this will apply to all of Meteor Goliath’s attacks even its basic attacks.

This changes the playstyle for Meteor Goliath because this afterburn damage makes it much better at flipping between hunters rather than focusing one down like you would with regular Goliath.



The Kraken is the ranged monster in the roster. Having ranged Lighting Strikes that can be called down from above, Banshee Mines that will track down their targets, and a Vortex that damages and pushes anything caught in its path.

You will never want to be close to the hunters as the Kraken but if you do wind up surrounded by the hunters you can use your Aftershock to punish them and make yourself some space.

Elder Kraken


Elder Kraken works similarly to the regular Kraken but with more focus on being closer to the hunters. You do still have Lighting Strike but you trade out your mines for a slower high damage Banshee Missle and your vortex for a stationary Death Spiral.

Ironically you lose the close-range aftershock for Chain Lighting that does increased damage for each hunter in the area you target. All of these changes to Elder Kraken’s abilities are to make you want to get up close and personal with the hunter and rewards this with higher damage.

You also have increased mobility and fly faster to encourage a hit-and-run playstyle since you do still have a low health pool.



You wouldn’t think an Assassin monster works well when the hunters have them pinned down in an area but the Wraith is a testament to this. Using your Phantom to confuse and damage hunters while you dash in with Warp Blast and Supernova can really do a number on a team.

Since Wraith is an assassin monster, it does more damage to hunters that are alone and has Abduction so you can grab one hunter out of a group and make use of your bonus damage. Wraiths will normally want to try to track down the hunters and pick one off before they get domed and then focus on taking 1v1 fights inside the dome.



The tankiest of all the monsters means Behemoth needs to be ready to turn a fight to his side instead of running from it. With the help of Rock Wall, Behemoth can section off the hunters and punish anyone that chooses to stay too close to the wall. You can combine Tongue Grab with a rock wall to pick off a hunter from the group and lock them in a fight with you.

You can influence where the hunters can safely stand in a fight and slow them down from getting around the rock wall by using Lava Bomb and Fissure. The only downside to Behemoth is that you will have a hard time getting away when you don’t want to fight anymore.

Glacial Behemoth


Where regular Behemoth sectioned off hunters with area denial, Glacial Behemoth is all about slowing the hunters down so it can kill them first. Killing Frost will allow you to slow the hunters’ reload and swap speed while Frozen Monolith and Deep Freeze slow down their movement speed.

This will allow you to put the hunters in a situation where they can’t deal enough damage to kill you before you kill them and don’t move quick enough to get away. If some of the hunters do try to run, you can pin them to a wall with an Ice Spear to prevent their escape.



While Wraith takes advantage of the hit-and-run strategy to kill one hunter and get away, Gorgon uses it to slowly whittle down the whole team of hunters before finishing the game in a big fight. Mimic can lead the hunters away from you before exploding to deal a lot of damage and Acid Spit will cover an area and make hunters unable to chase after you.

If you need even more help getting away from the hunters as well as dealing some more damage to them, you can use Web Snare to slow down a group of them or Spider Trap to divert their attention elsewhere.

While you do still have perks to pick for each monster they are not as impactful on the game as they are in Dead By Daylight. Your whole playstyle for the game is decided by which monster you pick. A team of good hunters will easily kill a wraith if you try to fight them the same way you would on Goliath. If you need any more help with Evolve Stage 2 make sure to check out our other guides.

Evolve Stage 2 is available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

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