All New Biomes Added in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update 1.18

Every new Biome in the latest Minecraft update!

by Gordon Bicker


Minecraft has a diverse range of flora and fauna scattered around the blocky world all ripe for discovery and with the release of Caves and Cliffs Part II, players have been flocking to Minecraft once again. Alongside the new species introduced as part of the plethora of content that Caves and Cliffs brought players, there have also been a host of new biomes included. This guide will take you through all the new biomes added in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2.

Dripstone Caves Biome

The first new biome that has been introduced is the Dripstone Cave Biome, this particular biome will offer players a mesmerising location to explore with hanging pointed dripstone and dripstone blocks making their mark on the landscape. Lots of stalagmites and stalactites will be present and furthermore larger mass of Copper Ore will be available for players to collect in this Biome.

Another interesting fact is that if you destroy the blocks that are holding the hanging stalactites up, they will cascade and fall onto the floor damaging anything in its path. That will certainly make for some intriguing mob kills for players.

Lush Caves Biome

Another new Biome up for exploration is the Lush caves which will generate underground and will usually be in areas with forest biomes. The caves themselves are like a fantasy paradise with what is almost a paradox of damp cave systems combined with a tropical aftertaste. The caves will contain cave plants for players to collect and also moss. Furthermore, the moss will cover both the floors and the ceilings of the location.


The new flora that is included in this biome is a standout point as you will even find vines that contain orange berries that act as glow berries to be picked up and can also be eaten. There are also ‘Dripleaf Plants’ which can be jumped on and even have physics attached that they will eventually ‘drip’ down to the floor and the player will fall through them but then the plant will go back to their rigid structure.

There are furthermore ‘Spore Blossoms’ which are pink flowers on the roof which drop particles onto the floor of the caves. Notably, ‘Clay pools’ also generate in the biome and you may even find Axolotl scattered about the Lush Caves. There are plenty of other species that have benefits to being collected but the axolotls are certainly great to collect and keep around with you.

Another new cave biome to be mentioned is the ‘Noise Caves’ that will generate underground. There are two particular types of this cave, the cheese cave, and the spaghetti cave. Each one has its own unique features and structures attached.

New Mountain Sub-Biomes

On top of the vast range of biomes aforementioned for the new additions with the update, there have been six new sub-biomes added for the mountains in Minecraft to create a fresh new experience for players. These are as follows:

  • Meadow
  • Grove
  • Snowy Slopes
  • Jagged Peaks
  • Frozen Peaks
  • Stony Peaks

That is all of the new Biomes in the full Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update. Will you be exploring the new biomes in Minecraft following the release of the new update this month?

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC,and mobile devices.

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