All Post-Game Boss Rematches in the Super Mario RPG Remake

Learn about every boss available for a post-game fight in the Super Mario RPG Remake!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

Players looking for new content in the Super Mario RPG remake should learn about all post-game bosses offering rematches.

One of the many new features in this remake is the ability to battle certain bosses again after beating the game. These bosses are powerful enough to give the strongest characters a run for their money, even with smart use of Level Up stat boosts. There are seven bosses in the Super Mario RPG remake that offer a post-game battle, though you’ll need to jump through some hoops before you can get to them.

How to Access All Post-Game Rematches in the Super Mario RPG Remake

The post-game rematches will become available to you after replaying your Clear Data save file. Upon entering the file, you’ll start a quest that directs you to Marrymore’s hotel and then to Star Hill. Eventually, you’ll be directed to the Frog Sage, and he’ll tell you about a boss you need to challenge once more. You can find these bosses in the area you last fought them in.

These are all of the bosses that can be challenged to a rematch:

  • Scratchy-Throat Belome: Found in Belome Temple. Beating him will grant you the Sage Stick weapon for Mallow.
  • Leveled-Up Punchinello: Found in Mole Mines. Beating him will grant you the Wonder Chomp weapon for Bowser.
  • Engine 023 Booster: Found in Booster Tower. Beating him will grant you the Stella 023 weapon for Geno.
  • Extra-Fancy Bundt: Found in Marrymore. Beating it will grant you the Enduring Brooch accessory.
  • Duel-Ready Johnny: Found in the Sunken Ship. Beating him will grant you the Extra-Shiny Stone.
  • Mario-Style Jinx: Found in Monstro Town. Beating him will grant you the Teamwork Band accessory.
  • ???: Found in Monstro Town behind Culex’s door. Beating this boss will grant you the Crystal Shard, which basically just acts as a trophy.

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The bosses leading up to the final secret foe will test you in unique ways. You’ll need speed-boosting items, extra-careful timing, and even great use of status effects to survive. It will all culminate in the game’s absolute toughest battle, and your final reward — outside of an item that acts as a trophy — will be an altered ending sequence following the final boss. Steel yourself for the challenges ahead and master the mechanics of Super Mario RPG!

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