All Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations

Grab all of these chests to become the most powerful legend!

by Noah Nelson


Roblox Critical Legends is a great game mode that has been around for a while. Whether you are new to it or are a returning legend, you’ll want to find all of the chests in the game in order to become the strongest. Chests are hidden throughout the world and, once found, will grant you special moves and abilities. Here are all of the chest locations in Roblox Critical Legend.

All Chest Locations in Roblox Critical Legends

Since the map in Critical Legends is quite big, you’ll need a guide to show you where to get all of the chests. Some of the chests are locked until you become a certain level. Each area has around three to five chests to collect. With that said, let’s get started.


Spawn Chest Locations

  • Punch — Find this on the boat to the left right at spawn.
  • Pickaxe — Found at the stairs at spawn.
  • Metal Plate — Go to the roof of the shack behind the apple tree which is left of spawn.
  • Beta Factory — Go left of Legit Shop and check the roof.
  • Beta Ticket — Inside Legit Shop.

Primis Field Chest Locations

  • Rage Scroll — Find this chest under the apple tree in the first area.
  • Sharpener Rock — First upstairs right turn inside Cave 1.
  • Burning Leaf — Enter the purple hell portal at the end of Cave 1. Take the first left, cross the bridge, and get the chest at the rocks in the lava on your right.
  • Travelling Boots — Found outside of Cave 1.

Thyrus Wood Chest Locations

  • Hunting Dagger — Found at the entrance of Thyrus Wood.
  • Icy Shield — In the Thyrus Wood, this chest is under the apple tree on your left.
  • Venom Scroll — Found south of the Arsenal shop.
  • Campfire Wood — Right next to the campfire south of the woods.

Flower Fields Chest Locations

  • Sun Fragment — Found on the black platform in front of the Flower Fields.
  • Honeycomb — Found in the center of the Flower Fields.
  • Honeyshield — Found at the northern wall of the Flower Fields.
  • Queen’s Soul — Found right next to the Queen Bee at the southern wall of the Flower Fields.

Slime King’s Chest Locations

  • Barrage — Found behind the tree at the northern part of the Slime King’s Forest.
  • King’s Crown — Found at the eastern wall of the Slime King’s Forest.
  • Slime Jar — Found in the southeastern corner of the forest.
  • Self Heal Scroll — Found in the southwestern corner of the forest.
  • Ignite Scroll — Found near the crates right outside of Cave 2.

Punky Sky Chest Locations

  • Force Field — From the southern side of Slime King’s Forest, take a boat to Punky Sky island. Find this chest right of the Arsenal shop on top of the house with the crates on its walls.
  • Dark Burn Scroll — Found at one of the large pillars across the bridge left of the Arsenal shop.
  • Blood to Mana Scroll — Found behind the last house left of the Potion shop.

Snowy Caps Chest Locations

  • Ice Rose — Upon arriving at Snowy Caps, search for a chest at the southern wall which is directly right of the spawn boat.
  • Blizzard in a Bottle — Found at the bottom of the pillar below the spawn boat.
  • Self Freeze — Found across the bridge and a tier below the spawn area.

Evergreen Chest Locations

  • Chaos Strike Scroll — Found inside Cave 3 on the rocks in between the bridges. You need to use Haste potions to get to it.
  • Group Heal Scroll — On the right side border wall outside of Cave 3.
  • Mana Scroll — Found at the northern border wall of Cave 3.

Forest Chest Locations

  • Virus — Found next to Blubb’s Castle in the northern part of the Forest.
  • Mini Tree — Found across the bridge at the eastern edge of the Forest.
  • Gravity Islands — Found close to Skeleton King’s Tower on the upper platform at the southeastern edge of the Forest.
  • Heart Fruit — Found in the center of the Forest.
  • Tiki Torch — Found at the southern edge of the forest on the seashore.

The Void Chest Location (Level 100)

You need to be level 100 to get this chest.

  • Soul DrainAfter reaching level 100, enter the Void located at the eastern edge of the Forest. Turn left and use a Haste potion to hop to the rock with the chest.

Heroes Cavern Chest Location (Level 125)

You need to be level 125 to get this chest.

  • Soul in a Bottle — After reaching level 125, enter the Heroes Cavern by jumping through a small hole at the center of the Slime King’s Forest. Use a Moon potion to locate the chest on top of a dark platform left of the Arsenal shop.
  • Shadow Fruit — Find the last chest on the final platform in the area to the south.

And there you have it! All of the chests in Roblox Critical Legends. If you are looking for more Roblox content, check out our Roblox page. We have guides on how to get the old Oof sound back, error code fixes, how to become a Demon in Project Slayers, and much more.

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Mobile, and PC.

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