All Secret Exits in World 2 of Super Mario Bros Wonder

Here's the location of every secret exist in Super Mario Bros. Wonder's second world!

by Drew Kopp
Image: Nintendo

The many levels of Super Mario Bros. Wonder‘s eight worlds have hidden secret exits. Uncovering these secondary means of egress allows you to net extra Wonder Seeds, which you’ll need to slip past the Wonder Pirahna Plants that block off levels and progression routes.

Fluff-Puff Peaks, Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s second world, has only one secret exit, and you don’t have to progress up the cloud-crowned mountain to reach it. Here’s how to find every secret exit in Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s second world.

Every Secret Exit in Super Mario Bros Wonder’s Fluff-Puff Peaks

Image: Nintendo

Unlike its immediate predecessor, Pipe-Rock Plateau, Fluff-Puff Peaks only has one secret exit to its name, and it’s located on the world’s first level: Outmaway Valley. Like every other secret exit in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, getting to the secret exit in Outmaway Valley requires you to keep your eyes peeled and be ready to perform some death-defying feats of platforming proficiency. Here’s how to get to Outmaway Valley’s secret exit.

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How to Reach Outmaway Valley’s Secret Exit

Image: Nintendo

To reach Outmaway Valley’s secret exit, proceed through the level until you reach a chunk of land with two golden pipes sticking out at an awkward angle. A giant block of ice will be next to them, and you’ll have to break it to uncover a hidden Wonder Flower. Your first thought will probably be that you need a Fire Flower to melt the ice, but I found that it can be shattered with the Elephant Fruit form’s trunk attack or crushed into powder with a Ground Pound.

Image: Nintendo

Once you grab the Wonder Flower, a massive snowball will begin plowing through the level. To make it to the secret exit, you’ll need to keep riding the snowball as it loses mass, jumping to stay on top of the pipes and platforms jutting out from the snowball until it crashes into a cliff. Pick up the Wonder Seed that spawns before you, then head through the pipe to reach the secret exit.

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- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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