Easy Way to Get All Standees in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Learn how to get all standees for online multiplayer in Super Mario Bros Wonder!

by Marc Magrini
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Both die-hard and casual players of Super Mario Bros Wonder will benefit from learning an easy way to get all standees in the game.

Standees are used as part of the game’s online multiplayer, allowing players to rescue each other before losing a life. These playful items include the playable characters in various poses and forms, allowing for some customization in how players show themselves off to others. It’s not easy to get every single standee in Super Mario Bros Wonder, but there are some ways to make the journey just a bit easier.

List of All Standees in Super Mario Bros Wonder

The game has 144 standees, with 12 unique appearances for each playable character. Players will most likely come across the borderless ones more often than not. The silver- and gold-bordered standees reflect the game’s power-ups and Wonder Flower forms, respectively. There aren’t any secret standees to be found, so don’t expect to find unique poses or special characters hidden in the list.

The standee types are:

  • No Border (Basic Poses)
    • Jumping
    • Crouching
    • Swimming
    • Posing
  • Silver Border (Power-ups)
    • Elephant
    • Fire
    • Bubble
    • Drill
  • Gold Border (Wonder Flower forms)
    • Hoppycat
    • Balloon
    • Goomba
    • Spike-Ball

Easy Way to Get All Standees

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

While most standees can be found from the Standee Surprise section in shops, these are random and have the chance to completely waste your flower coins. Instead, you should head over to the Special World. There, a shop specializing solely in standees is available, offering one for each character at a price of 30 flower coins. Their results are still somewhat random, but they’re guaranteed to give you one standee that you haven’t obtained before.

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You should head to the Special World as soon as possible to gain access to this Standee Shop, especially if you find yourself nearing the limit of flower coins. An easy way to get there is through secret exits, with World 1 having an early path to the shop and World 3 providing the shortest path that doesn’t require optional courses. Be sure to get the standees as soon as you’re able to, as they’re required if you want to obtain all completion medals in the game.

- This article was updated on October 23rd, 2023

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