Super Mario Bros Wonder Stage Types Explained

Discover all course types in Super Mario Bros Wonder!

by Marc Magrini
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Fans exploring the Flower Kingdom should learn about all different stage types to be found in Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Players can find numerous different areas to explore on their journey, with some having quite a bit more content than others. Planning ahead can help with beating the game more quickly, as smaller courses will provide important Wonder Seeds just as larger courses will. By knowing what each stage type has to offer, players can traverse the levels of Super Mario Bros Wonder with the same confidence as one who’s already beaten the game.

All Stage Types in Super Mario Bros Wonder

In nearly every world, there are numerous main courses and side courses. These will all have at least one Wonder Seed and three 10-flower coins. There are also Poplin Houses that will provide players with free badges or Wonder Seeds. Finally, there are shops scattered throughout each world, though players won’t end up in a separate “level” when interacting with them.

Main Course Types

Main courses appear larger on the map and will almost always have one or two additional seeds. If they have a total of three seeds available, they’ll include a secret exit that unlocks another course. These are usually designed as normal Mario levels, but there are some variations. Here are all types of main courses to look out for:

  • Basic Course — The most “normal” levels of the game, acting like standard Mario courses. A Wonder Flower usually appears near the end of each basic course, just before the ending flagpole.
  • Wonder Course — A course designed almost entirely around usage of a Wonder Flower, with the item appearing near the start and only losing its effects near the end. Numerous Special World levels are part of this course type.
  • Palaces and Battleships — Similar to the castles and airships of previous Mario games. These levels only have one Wonder Seed and end in a boss fight. The palaces always feature Bowser Jr. as a boss. The battleships always feature a production line as the “boss” while their Wonder Flower sections always have Castle Bowser attacking the player.
  • Final Battle — The last course of the game’s main story. It features no Wonder Seeds and has the player fight the final boss at the end.
  • Special World Final Tests — Unique courses putting players through a marathon of the game’s various features. The Final Test has them utilize numerous Wonder Flower forms but only has two Wonder Seeds. The Final-Final Test has players utilize various badges while only having one Wonder Seed, similar to Badge Challenge stages.

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Side Course Types

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Side Courses usually appear as smaller icons on the overworld. Their variations are much more obvious, often having some unique label directly in their name. These are all of the different side course types in the game:

  • Badge Challenge — Short gauntlets where players test their mastery of the game’s many Action Badges. There are also Expert Badge Challenges that provide the same tests, but with Expert Badges instead. If the player doesn’t already have the badge provided in each challenge, it will be given to them for free upon completion of the course.
  • Break Time — Small areas that usually feature a puzzle or challenge. These levels feature few obstacles and no 10-flower coins. Some Break Time levels offer Tunes from previous Mario games, requiring players collect Wonder Tokens or defeat enemies to the sounds of classic titles.
  • Search Party — Small-scale areas tasking players with finding five Wonder Tokens. Some areas require revealing hidden blocks, playing as specific characters, or using certain power-ups before these tokens are revealed. These courses also do not feature 10-flower coins.
  • KO Arena — Sectioned-off courses where players must defeat enemies as fast as they can. Depending on how quickly the course is beaten, three 10-flower coins can be obtained at the end.
  • Royal Seed Location — An area where the only purpose is to collect a Royal Seed. This “course” type appears in Worlds 3 and 5 in lieu of a palace or boss fight. Re-entering these areas after obtaining the Royal Seed within will reveal a hidden path to the Special World.

These are all of the recurring course types you’ll find on your journey through Super Mario Bros Wonder. If you find yourself having more luck with side courses instead of the main ones, feel free to complete them instead. The Wonder Seeds you obtain will allow you to move further ahead in the game anyway, letting you see the Wonder-filled finale in record time!

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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