All Status Effects in Ship of Fools Explained

What does each status effect do in Ship of Fools?

by Noah Nelson

Ship of Fools is a great game, but it fails to explain what things mean, like what all of the status effects are. If you are wondering what all of the status effects do in Ship of Fools, you’ve come to the right place.

All Status Effects in Ship of Fools Explained

In Ship of Fools, there are numerous ammo types that sometimes have a different status effect. There are four main status effects in Ship of Fools so far. They are Fire, Oil, Ice, and Resonance.

Fire, as you might have guessed, is a status effect that sets enemies ablaze. Once on fire, enemies will take continuous damage for a short period of time.

Oil is a confusing status effect in Ship of Fools. Many of the ammo types that use oil send out barrels that can be shot to deal splash damage to nearby enemies. Mainly, oil looks to confuse enemies and keep them from attacking for a period of time.

Ice is a status effect that, like Fire, may seem obvious. When enemies are hit by Ice ammo, they will start to slow down. If they are hit by enough Ice projectiles, they will freeze entirely. Frozen enemies will break out of the ice and continue attacking, so use Ice as crowd control.

Lastly, we have Resonance which is arguably the strangest and most confusing status effect in Ship of Fools. Enemies that are hit with the Resonance status effect are chained together. Once an enemy has the Resonance status effect, they will emit purple waves. Any and all damage hit on an enemy with Resonance will damage every other enemy marked with Resonance.

Best Status Effects in Ship of Fools

Now that you know what all of the status effects are in Ship of Fools, you’ll most likely want to know what the best ones are. By far, the best status effects in Ship of Fools are Fire and Oil, particularly used together. This combo does an insane amount of damage very quickly, especially when combined with the Double Barrel cannon.

While Resonance can be really great, it can also deal unnecessary damage to you. If two puffer fish enemies have Resonance, if you melee the one on the top left of your ship away, the Resonance puffer on the bottom will move in closer and explode. And while Ice is good, it deals less damage than all of the other ammo types which makes it much weaker than Fire and Oil.

And that is what every status effect does and which ones are the best in Ship of Fools. Just like with The Great Lighthouse door, as more content rolls out, we wouldn’t be surprised to see even more status effects come to the game.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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