Best Ammo in Ship of Fools

What are the best ammo types in Ship of Fools?

by Noah Nelson

There are tons and tons of ammo options in Ship of Fools. All of the ammo types center on the different status effects. While they are all different in some way, the ammo types are extensions of their previous versions. Also, bombs are a different type of ammo and won’t be discussed in this list, but eggs will. Here is the best ammo in Ship of Fools.

Every Ammo in Ship of Fools

When I said there is a lot of ammo in Ship of Fools, I meant it. Ammo is the term used to describe the projectiles you put into your cannons. While bombs are technically ammo, they are very different. Eggs are very similar to standard ammo, so they are included in this list. Here is all of the ammo so far in Ship of Fools:

  • Seashell – Standard ammo given at the start of every run. Deals low damage at a medium fire rate.
  • Hermit Shell – Has double the ammo capacity and double the damage of Seashells.
  • Piercing Shell – Pierces through enemies. Has six shots. Deals the same damage as Seashell.
  • Potato Bag – Turn your cannon into a seemingly endless spun gun. Has 16 shots. High rate of fire but deals less damage. Shots can ricochet into other enemies once.
  • Can of Beans – Meticulously designed to be chock-full of beans. Has 16 shots. It has a slow rate of fire and deals less damage, but the bullets ricochet off enemies once.
  • Simple Chicken – Lays simple eggs. Has double the ammo of a typical egg. The projectiles deal splash damage.
  • Ice Cube – Freezes enemies much faster than Icicles. Deals less damage and doesn’t have pierce.
  • Icicles – Deal less damage but slow enemies. Icicles are like Ice Cubes, but they have piercing damage. If hit enough, the enemy will freeze entirely for a while.
  • Frozen Wave – Has a medium amount of ammo capacity. Deals slightly less damage. Shoots in a wave of three bullets per shot. Deals Frost damage.
  • Volcanic Rock – Deals fire damage. Has eight shots. Deals the same damage as Seashell but does two periodic fire damage.
  • Blazing Shell – An abode ablaze. Much like a Volcanic Rock, but it deals piercing damage.
  • Magma Spike – Melts through carapaces. Less ammo but pierces and deals Fire damage.
  • Ember Toucan – Lays fire eggs that deal a lot of damage.
  • Explosive Eagle – Lays Explosive eggs.
  • Harmonic Owl – Has six shots. Deals a lot of damage and hits an enemy with the Resonance effect. Periodically lays eggs that vanish after a period of time.
  • Oil Jelly – Weaken foes covered by this non-edible oily substance.
  • Poisonous Dart – Carefully coated in viscous oil to weaken every foe it goes through. Has piercing abilities.
  • Pearl of Oil – Has five shots. Deal Oil damage to enemies and drop barrels in the sea. If the barrels are shot, they explode and damage nearby enemies.
  • Toxic Raven – Lays Oil Eggs. Very similar to the Ember Toucan but hits the enemy with the Oil effect instead of Fire.
  • Crystal Ball – Has three shots. Does quadruple damage and adds a random status effect on enemy.
  • Phasing Clarinet – Has six shots. Deals piercing Resonant damage. Plays a note with every shot.
  • Maracas Duet – Tuning to the power of two. Standard ammo. Standard shot speed. Shoots three maracas at once for the cost of one ammo. Deals Resonance damage.
  • Rusty Seablade – Deals high piercing damage and has a higher chance of critical hits.
  • Gold Nugget – Medium ammo capacity. Gain one sand dollar on every projectile hit.
  • Rainbow Peacock – Lays every kind of egg.

All Ammo Types in Ship of Fools Ranked

The best ammo in Ship of Fools is Maracas Duet, Blazing Shell, and Explosive Eagle. Anything that shoots three projectiles in one, is capable of piercing, and deals fire damage is going to be the best ammo to use.

The best ammo really comes down to what the best status effect is in Ship of Fools. While each has its use, the best status effect is Fire paired with Oil, but the Explosive Eagle eggs trump that because they deal devastating amounts of damage.

Though this is a big list of all of the ammo in Ship of Fools, there is still bound to be more. And, like with The Great Lighthouse door, more ammo is bound to be added post-launch. Now that you know what the best ammo is, you can check out what the best trinkets are in Ship of Fools.

Ship of Fools is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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