All Victoria 3 Console Commands and Cheats

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by Caleb Stultz


Victoria 3 cheats are a fun mechanic to use to spice up your game. If you want access to them, you will need to open the command console in the game. Gamers will need to know how to open the command prompt, what commands you can give, and what cheats are available in the game. For that reason, you will want to read on. Here are all Victoria 3 console commands and cheats.

Activating Cheats and Commands in Victoria 3

Before you can enter in any commands or cheats, you need to be able to open the command console. To do so, press the “~” key on your keyboard. However, the command console will only appear when you have debug mode active in Victoria 3.

You will need to launch options for Victoria 3 to activate debug mode in the game. You can do so by opening the game’s settings through the game’s official launcher. Open the game’s settings and select the “Open Game in Debug Mode,” then launch Victoria 3.

Once you have the mode active in Victoria 3, you can use cheats by opening the command console and copy or type in the commands as they appear down below and hit enter to activate them.

Every Cheat and Command in Victoria 3

Here are all the cheats and commands you can put into the command console in Victoria 3:


  • annex (country tag)
    Using this command annexes a chosen country
  • change_law (law) (country)
    Using this command changes a law in a country
  • add_war_support (country) (place amount here)
    Adds war support with a certain country.
  • Version
    Displays game version.
  • screenshot
    forces the game to screenshot.
  • set_pollution_level state region (place amount here)
    sets pollution level to whatever is the chosen amount.
  • add_approval (interest group) (place amount here)
    What it does: adds approval rating with a certain interest group.
  • add_clout (interest group) (place amount here)
    Adds clout rating with a certain interest group.
  • add_loyalists (culture) (place amount here)
    Adds a certain amount of loyalist population to your country.
  • add_radicals (culture) (place amount here)
    Adds a certain amount of radical population to your country.
  • add_relations (country) (place amount here)
    Adds relations with a certain country.
  • yesmen
    Makes AI agree to all proposals and offers made by the player nation.
  • tag (country)
    It allows you to play as a country if you place the country’s tag after the tag command.
  • skip_migration
    Using this command toggles migration skipping
  • Settings
    Using this command opens a setting GUI
  • test event (event’s name) (x) (y) (state)
    Using this command allows the player to spawn an entity at certain coordinates or state regions.
  • treatyport (state)
    Using this command gives players a treaty port in a sepcifized state region.
  • testobjective (subgoal key)
    Allows players to test objectives
  • switchlanguage (language)
    Using this command changes the game’s language to a chosen one.
  • popstat
    shows total active population.
  • help
    provides a list of comands for the user
  • enable_ai
    Enables ai in the game.
  • disable_ai
    Disables ai in the game.
  • research (technology key)
    This commands gives a specified technology to your country
  • set_devastation_level (state) (place amount here)
    Using this command allows players to set the devastation level of a specified region.
  • wagerate (building) (rate)
    Using this command changes a building’s wage to a new chosen rate.
  • province borders (true or false)
    Enables or disables province borders.
  • portrait editor
    Enables the game’s portrait editor.
  • nosecession
    Disables secessions in Victoria 3
  • norevolution
    Disables revolutions in Victoria 3
  • own (province or state region tag) (country)
    Makes a province or state region owned by a specified country.
  • Kill_character (name)
    kills a chosen character
  • money (amount)
    adds money to the player’s treasury
  • Ingore_gorvernment_support
    Enables ignoring government support
  • Observe
    Toggles Victoria 3’s observe mode
  • changestatepop (state’s id)( population type)
    Changes the population size of the given type to a given factor.


  • fastinstitutions
    Enables fast institutions mode.
  • fastinterests
    Enables fast interests mode.
  • fastenact
    Enables fast enact mode.
  • fastmoblize
    Enables fast mobilize mode.
  • fastsearch
    Enables fast search mode.
  • fastrevoultion
    Enables fast revolution mode.
  • fastravels
    Enables fast travels mode.
  • fasthire
    enables fast hire mode.

Victoria 3 is available now for PC on Steam.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2022

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