All Weapons and Fighting Styles in Tower of Fantasy

Check out everything you need to know about the weapons featured on Tower of Fantasy

by Franklin Bellone Borges


In Tower of Fantasy, players can make use of a wide array of weapons, all of which will not only allow them to change between specific roles, such as that of a DPS or Support in battle but also feature their own fighting styles. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about each weapon currently available in Tower of Fantasy, such as a brief overview of their combat styles, their rarity, Simulacrum, and more.

All Weapons and Fighting Styles in Tower of Fantasy

As we said above, in Tower of Fantasy, you can make use of many different fighting styles by getting different types of weapons, each of which possesses an optimal role. But that is not all, as each weapon will, independently of its type, have an exclusive look and, in some cases, its own exclusive moveset. With that out of the way, players are currently able to make use of a total of 9 weapon types in the Global version, which can be divided into the Sword, Claymore, Spear, Double Blades, Hammer, Guns, Enchanted Cube, Scepter, Staff, and Chakram categories.

You can check out all of the weapons currently featured in the game’s Global version, as well as their Simulacrum and an overview of their moveset below:

R Weapons 

  • Frosted Spear: The game’s Standart Spear. Allows the wilder to perform fast strikes in quick succession.
  • Combat Blade: The game’s Standart Dual Swords. Allow players to perform fast-hitting compost and AoE attacks.
  • EM Blade: The game’s Standart sword, as well as the first weapon you will gain. The weapon gives players a good mix of speed and overall damage.
  • Composite Bow: The game’s only Flame bow (Global), features the standard moveset for the weapon. Especially useful when exploring the world.

SR Weapons 

  • Staff of Scars (Simulacrum: Pepper): Currently the only SR projectile-based weapon available on Global. Allows its user to make use of projectile attacks (Volt). All of the weapon’s skills are focused on healing efficiently.
  • The Terminator (Simulacrum: Hilda): Allows players to make use of the Turrent to deal either fast-hitting single target damage or slower AoE attacks, capable of dealing massive damage.
  • Pummeler (Simulacrum: Ene): A large Hammer, capable of dealing heavy Frost damage upon hitting targets. also capable of performing aerials spin attacks, fast-hitting sequences, and devastating AoE attacks. Its skill is focused on buffing the user while its Discharge ability allows players to deal massive AoE damage.
  • Nightingale’s Feather (Simulacrum: Bai Ling): The game’s only Physical bow, features a moveset similar to the one seen on the Composite Bow.
  • Thunderous Halberd (Simulacrum: Echo): The first Weapon/Simulacrum players will receive. Allows the user to make use of a series of Volt Spear strikes.

SSR Weapons 

Before we start, it’s important to point out that all SSR weapons are Gacha exclusive. The overview of all the weapons is made regarding their stat and passives at zero stars.

  • Rosy Edge (Simulacrum: Meryl): Allows its wilder to make use of the Claymore to deal massive damage at lower speeds (when compared to fast-hitting weapons), all while allowing players the ability to freeze opponents by making use of its effect or deal massive damage with its skills. Great for breaking shields.
  • Icewind Arrow (Simulacrum: Tsubasa): A bow infused with Frost. Features an enhanced version of the moveset seen in the other bows, as well as a high overall CRIT Rate, thus allowing players to deal heavy damage at a safe distance. The bow also shines thanks to its ability to freeze targets often.
  • Absolute Zero (Simulacrum: Coco Ritter): Allows players to make use of the staff to perform ice projectile combos and AoE attacks. The weapon allows its user to heal efficiently thanks to both its Skill and Discharge ability.
  • Scythe of the Crow (Simulacrum: King): Allows players to make use of the Scythe to deal massive damage at close-medium range, all while also being capable of igniting enemies. The weapon’s Discharge ability is also unique, as it allows you to deal AoE damage at fixed intervals, while also sending enemies airborne.
  • Chakram of the Seas (Simulacrum: Shiro): Like Rosy Edge and the Scythe of the Crow, the Chakram of the Seas is a unique weapon, in a scene that is the only one of its type currently in the game. The weapons allow its user to perform medium-range attacks, all capable of dealing massive Physical damage. Its exclusive abilities are focused on debuffing enemies while dealing constant amounts of damage. Great for crowd control.
  • Negating Cube (Simulacrum: Zero): A support-focused weapon whose main strengths lie in its ability to shield players and deal off-the-field damage to enemies.
  • Dual EM Stars (Simulacrum: Samir): Gives its wielder the ability to deal heavy amounts of electric damage in quick succession, like all Volt weapons, it can shock enemies. Overall the weapon’s biggest strength lies in its ability to deal massive damage through its aerial combos, all while giving players the ability to also perform highly damaging AoE and single target attacks.
  • Molten Shield V2 (Simulacrum: Huma): The weapon allows players to make use of the shield to blast enemies out of the way, dealing elemental damage, all while also giving them the choice of changing the weapon’s form to an Axe, the latter of which is capable of dealing high amounts of damage at longer ranges. Both forms of the weapon possess a moveset composed of standard and held ground and aerial attacks, dodges, and a variation of its skill.
  • Thunderblades (Simulacrum: Crow): Like the Icewind Arrow, the weapon features an enhanced moveset when compared to the other weapons of the same type. With that said, the Thunderblades shine thanks to their ability to deal fast once of damage at astonishing speeds, allowing for fast combos. The weapon’s exclusive skill and Discharge abilities, on the other hand, allow players to perform highly damaging AoE attacks.
  • Venus (Simulacrum: Nemesis): Only available as part of the game’s first limited banner ”Forgiveness and Rebirth”. Allows the wielder to take control of two massive railguns focused on dealing Volt damage, the weapons also allow your character to heal efficiently, all while dealing high amounts of damage and buffing its wielder.

You can currently play Tower of Fantasy on PC, Android, and IOS.

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