All Weapons in Bayonetta 3

Learn about all weapons and how to unlock them in Bayonetta 3!

by Marc Magrini

Players are given a wide variety of customization options in Bayonetta 3. Among these options, they can change the look of the game, customize their outfit, and unlock new skills for their weapons. Though players only start out with a set of handguns, they’ll find more weapons as they move on with Bayonetta 3’s storyline. There are even some optional pieces of equipment that can be found both before and after completing the final chapter. For players that want to know everything the game has to offer, here are all weapons in Bayonetta 3 — as well as how to unlock them!

Warning: This article will contain spoilers for both story and optional content. If you know how to unlock one weapon, many of the future story beats will become increasingly obvious. Keep this in mind before continuing!

How to Unlock All Weapons in Bayonetta 3

There are 11 weapons players can unlock before beating Bayonetta 3. Three of these weapons are optional, and you’ll have to go somewhat out of your way to get them. These are all weapons that can be found before completion of the game’s story:

  • Colour My World: A set of handguns allowing Bayonetta to unleash her usual punches and kicks. They are paired with Madama Butterfly, allowing Bayonetta to transform into a floaty butterfly-like form. Unlocked at the start of the game.
    • Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue: Handguns from the original Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 respectively, granting moves from those games. They are also paired with Madama Butterfly, but they use a separate skill tree for their base abilities. Unlocked with save data from the Switch versions of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2. These weapons are optional.
  • G-Pillar: A massive club that doubles as a rifle, boasting a slow yet powerful moveset. It is paired with Gomorrah, granting Bayonetta the form of a monstrous being that can blast itself through the air. Unlocked after entering the Gates of Hell for the first time.
  • Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo: A set of four buzzsaw yo-yos allowing Bayonetta to perform melee attacks at range. They are paired with Phantasmaraneae, giving Bayonetta a spider-like form that can crawl up walls and resist lava. Unlocked after clearing Chapter 3.
  • Alruna: A familiar set of whips from Bayonetta 2, giving Bayonetta more long-ranged attacks in the form of thorny tendrils. They are paired with Alraune, transforming Bayonetta into a plant-themed form that lets her create flowers from under her feet. Unlocked after clearing the alternate version of Chapter 3. This weapon is optional.
  • Dead End Express: A massive chainsaw that can transform into a train, combining speed and power for different attacks. It is paired with Wartrain Gouon, allowing Bayonetta to use the form of a train to quickly traverse terrain. Unlocked after clearing Chapter 6.
  • Ribbit Libido BZ55: A microphone stand acting as a spear, providing fairly ranged blows alongside destructive vocal attacks. It is paired with Baal, granting Bayonetta a frog-like form that lets her leap very high. Unlocked after clearing Chapter 9 alongside Simoon.
  • Simoon: A pair of fans allowing Bayonetta to perform quick slicing wind attacks. They are paired with Malphas, giving Bayonetta a bird form that can traverse the air extremely quickly. Unlocked after clearing Chapter 9 alongside Ribbit Libido BZ55.
  • Tartarus: Thick steel weapons that can combine into a gate, launching devastating attacks from the open doors. They are paired with the Umbran Clock Tower, granting Bayonetta a puppet-like form that has her hover over the ground. While not part of Tartarus, the tower itself also lets Bayonetta use the Umbran Armor during battles. Unlocked after clearing Chapter 11.
  • Abracadabra: A hat-and-cane combo, letting Bayonetta unleash a mixture of thunder attacks and illusory blows. They are paired with Mictlantecuhtli, transforming Bayonetta into a bat-like form with separate upper and lower halves. Unlocked after clearing Chapter 12.

After clearing the game, there are an additional four weapons that can be unlocked. The first three are self-explanatory, but the last one is a little difficult to obtain.

  • Cruel Altea: Miniature drone-like weapons that launch themselves in front of and around Bayonetta. They are paired with Labolas, giving Bayonetta a centaur-like form that can create ice at its feet. Unlocked after clearing the game.
  • Handguns: Basic handguns used at the very start of the game, during the tutorial. These are not paired with any demon, though they grant Bayonetta a stripped-down moveset like the one found with Colour My World. Unlocked after clearing the game.
  • Cassiopeia: A large anchor with slow, powerful attacks that can be used at range. It is paired with the Kraken, granting Bayonetta an aquatic form that can spew ink. Unlocked after clearing the alternate version of Chapter 14.
  • Rodin: A massive collection of powerful weapons. They are paired with Devil Rodin, not transforming Bayonetta but letting her use aspects and abilities from Rodin. Unlocked after purchasing the Platinum Ticket and defeating the strongest secret boss in the game.

These are all the weapons you’ll find in Bayonetta 3. There are other unique weapons for Viola and Jeanne — the Mab Dachi and All 4 One — but the former is unique to Viola and the latter is functionally similar to Colour My World, even featuring the same skill tree. Regardless, this large list of weapons is sure to provide something for every fan looking for variety in Bayonetta 3’s action-packed gameplay!

Bayonetta 3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2022

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