Best Colour My World Skills in Bayonetta 3

Squeeze every ounce of strength out of Bayonetta's newest firearms!

by Marc Magrini

Bayonetta 3 gives players a whole bunch of weapons to enjoy tearing through enemies with. In this game, Bayonetta’s signature weapon is Colour My World, a set of four purple handguns that allow her to use new attacks and abilities. As players progress through the game, they’ll gain access to new skills for this weapon, granting them the chance to use some of the Umbra Witch’s older abilities. It can be a bit tough to decide where to start, so Bayonetta 3 fans should plan ahead and pick the best Colour My World skills before anything else!

What Skills Should You Unlock for Colour My World in Bayonetta 3?

You’ll be able to view skills in the in-game menu after they’re unlocked. For Colour My World, skills consist of various punches and kicks, as well as additional attacks from Madama Butterfly. These skills are unlocked through linear progression, but there are still some that you should try and grab first. Here are the best skills to unlock first for Colour My World:

  • Baselard: Allows you to move forward with a dashing attack. Fantastic for closing in on enemies when bullets or Demon Slave just won’t cut it.
  • Full Moon Shoot: Allows you to launch enemies into the air. Makes it easy to perform air combos on foes, especially when unlocking After Burner Kick right after it.
  • Bullet Climax and Chrysalis: Both of these skills increase the strength of your bullets in various ways, lowering the threat of flying enemies.

Additionally, Madama Butterfly’s skills can be upgraded alongside this weapon. Certain abilities — like the ones focused on Flutter Kiss — might seem useful, but her low strength and high speed mean you should focus on abilities centered around enemy engagement. Here are the best skills to focus on for her:

  • Goku Tetsuzanko: Allows Madama Butterfly to move forward with a tackle. Perfect for closing the distance between her and an enemy, especially if they try to attack Bayonetta.
  • Full Monarch Shoot: Madama Butterfly’s version of Full Moon Shoot.
  • Royal Escort: Grants Madama Butterfly extra protection in the form of explosive butterflies circling around her.

You’ll be able to use more abilities as you unlock them, but it should be noted that certain skills need to be unlocked through progression through both Madama Butterfly’s and Colour My World’s tree. Additionally, you’ll need to unlock every skill available for Colour My World to unlock the Astounding Touch skill. Using these skills effectively will lead to an easier time getting Seeds and Halos to unlock new content, so keep on fighting as many enemies as possible and master these guns for yourself!

Bayonetta 3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

- This article was updated on October 29th, 2022

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