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Amnesia: Rebirth Alchemy Lab Teleporter Puzzle

The Great Trans-Dimensional Escape

by Brandon Adams


Amnesia: Rebirth has its fair share of puzzles, to include a rather subtle puzzle involving the Alchemy Lab teleporter. Tasi finds herself in this abandoned facility about halfway into the game, and to escape she needs to open a door to a rift in one of the rooms. She’ll need to power on a small teleporter to do so, and the solution isn’t all that devious once you realize the solution is hidden in plain sight.

The Alchemy Lab teleporter puzzle solution is visible through the window.

The Alchemy Lab in Amnesia: Rebirth is one of the shorter levels in the game, and its pretty easy to navigate. Power pylons direct energy from a source to a node, even through walls, so you’ll be using these to progress. Up until the puzzle this is rather linear and simple: grab a pylon, then cart it ahead until a door opens. Pretty simple stuff, especially once you realize the beam isn’t impeded by solid mass.

Once you reach the room with a panel covered in ruins you’ll find a small enclosure filled with cubes on the right with empty vitae canisters. To start, you’ll want to find blue, fully charged canisters, which are both in the same room. Leave the teleporter room and head down the hallway on your right (assuming you are facing away from the lab). The door on the left leads to a balcony that doubled as a research area, and you will find both vitae canisters here. Grab them then return to the lab.

Place the canisters under the enclosure, then double-back and grab a power pylon. Bring it into the lab to open the door on the right, and grab the orb within. Once you have the orb place it on the pedestal between the pillars in front of the rune panel, then place the power pylon in the enclosure. Now you’ll need to set the marker on the panel to match the three required runes, which can be seen through the window into the other room (and in my Amnesia: Rebirth screenshot above).

Once you have the correct combination of runes selected press the red button on top of the panel to activate the teleporter, sending the power pylon to the other room and opening the door. The Shadow will appear, so make a mad dash to the other room and bolt through the rift to safety. Congrats, you’ve cracked the teleporter puzzle and successfully escaped the Alchemy Lab in Amnesia: Rebirth.

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