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Among Us How to Get 15-Player Lobby & More Colors

You're going to need the June 15th update.

by William Schwartz


15 Player Lobbies are a new feature in Among Us.  This new feature will add more players to the game and allow having three imposters to feel better than it does with 10.  So how do you enable the 15-player lobby and get new colors in Among Us.  In this guide we’ll explain how to get bigger lobbies and more colors in Among Us.

Among Us Update is Coming June 15th

First off, you’re going to need to wait until June 15th for an update to pushed to the game that will enable the bigger lobbies.  On that day, the game will have the option to increase the players from 10 to 15.  Also, after that update you will have more color to choose from:  Maroon, Coral, Tan, Banana, Rose, and Grey.

You can check back in on this post to find out exactly when the update drops on June 15th and if there are any other things you need to do to get bigger lobbies and more colors in Among Us.  It shouldn’t matter which platform you are playing on, June 15th should be the day when you get the update.

Among Us is currently available on a variety of platforms, including PC where it’s a part of the Game Pass Ultimate service.  It was recently announced that the game would be heading to Xbox Game Pass later this year.

Other recent updates for Among Us brought the Airship back in a March patch.   If you’re trying to win more games in Among Us we’ve got a great guide that can help you do just that with our 27 Tips for Among Us Guide to help you win every game.

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