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Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey – How to Conquer Fear

You'll encounter fear when you venture out into new areas.

by William Schwartz


Exploring the world of Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey you will often times encounter a state that makes you fear your surroundings.  There are a few spots in the game where you will encounter fear in Ancestors.  As a baby primate you will encounter fear when you stray from your clan’s home.  As an adult you will encounter fear when you explore new areas.  When your character is scared you will see the screen shift to black and white and you will see hallucinations of nearby predators.

To get through this and get the game back to normal you’re going to need to have dopamine to persist into an area while fearful.  If you don’t have any dopamine you will enter an uncontrollable frenzy and respawn back at your clan’s oasis.

You can fight through fear though.  To do this you need to use your senses to discover more about an area.  Identify objects, use your senses of hearing and smell as well as intelligence to better get to know an area and you will see white lights.  You need to follow the white lights to a white ball of light to overcome fear.  If you don’t, you will ultimately end up in the frenzied state as dopamine doesn’t last forever.

Once you’ve reached the white light ball you hold the B button to conquer fear and expand the territory that you can explore without fear.

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