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Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey – How to Use Evolution Menu and Upgrade

Can only be accessed when in a proper bed.

by William Schwartz


The Evolution Menu is one of the places you’re going to want to visit frequently if you want to advance your lineage.  In the evolution menu you can spend Neuronal Energy that is essentially XP points that can be put into different evolutionary nodes in this menu.

To access the Evolution Menu you need to sleep in a bed.  There will be numerous beds in your starting clan oasis that you can use to sleep in.  Once you lie down in a proper bed you will be given the option to access this menu.  You can not access the evolution menu when lying down anywhere else accept in a bed.

If you’re having trouble finding a proper bed.  You’re looking for gatherings of tree branches and leaves on the ground in your oasis.  When you do lie down on the bed you will see the Evolution option in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Press the Y button and this will take you into the menu where you can spend points on upgrades, but there are actually three sections to the Evolution Menu and there are few things to know about using this.

How to Get Upgrade Points

The first is you need the Neuronal Energy to actually unlock new points on the skill tree.  When you perform actions like using your senses, communicating, and others you gain neuronal energy only if a child is with you.  The more babies that are around you the more neuronal energy you will have to spend on upgrades.  There are many different nodes to unlock and they’ll all do something towards making you better capable to survive.   Since you will need babies around you to earn these points, you should mate early and and often.

Locking in these Upgrades in the Generation Tab

To lock in the upgrades you’ve made you actually need to head into the Generation Tab of the Evolution Menu and use Reinforcement Points to pass on these traits.  To pass a generation you must be an adult in the clan’s settlement and the clan must have at least one child.  Each time you move forward a generation you will want to lock in the upgraded nodes by reinforcing them.

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