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Animal Crossing New Horizons – How to Make a Perfect Snowboy (or Snowman)

How to get large snowflakes and frozen DIY recipes

by Kyle Hanson


It’s wintertime in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and there’s tons of new stuff to do. And just like in real life, one of the most fun things to do during the winter is play in the snow. Even if you live in a tropical climate in real life, the world of New Horizons gives you a chance to experience a full snowy winter. And one of the best activities is to make a snowman, or snowboy as they’re called in Animal Crossing. But to make the perfect snowboy you need to know some tips and tricks. Here’s how to make a perfect snowboy (or snowman) in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to Make a Perfect Snowboy or Snowman

Snowboys can be created any time snow has fallen on your island, which should start around mid December and continue until the middle of February in the northern hemisphere. Whenever there’s snow on the ground you have the chance to make a snowboy or snowman if you prefer the real life name we all use. Creating one is pretty easy, but you’ll want to do it the right way to make sure you make a perfect snowboy and get all the rewards you can. What are those rewards? Snowflake DIY recipes of course. So, here’s how to make the perfect snowboy…

  • Find two snowballs on the ground
  • Kick and roll them both around until they are around the same size, about past your eyes
  • Avoid running them into any sand or other obstacles
  • Make one slightly larger than the other
  • Roll the smaller into the larger until it pops on top of it

And that’s it. The snowboy will let you know if you did it right or need to make any adjustments. If you do it right he’ll give you a snowflake or frozen DIY recipe and a large snowflake for your efforts. And that’s how to make a perfect snowboy (or snowman) in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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