Animal Crossing: New Horizons – International Museum Day Guide – Stamp Rally Rewards

A quick scavenger hunt to celebrate the museum.

by Diego Perez


International Museum Day is the latest event to grace Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and you can head on over to your island’s museum and participate in a Stamp Rally to earn unique rewards. International Museum Day is, well, a day to celebrate museums. As long as your island has a fully constructed museum and not just a museum tent, you’re all set to take part in the festivities. Make your way to your island’s museum and talk to Blathers to get started.

How Long is Animal Crossing: New Horizons International Museum Day

International Museum Day begins in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Monday, May 18 and lasts until Sunday, May 31. You have the entire two week period to complete Stamp Rallies and earn the unique rewards tied to the event. Thankfully, you can earn everything the event has to offer in just one day, so there won’t be any grinding for recipes or furniture like the Bunny Day event.

How to Complete the Stamp Rally and Earn Plaques

To participate in the Stamp Rally, speak to Blathers. He’ll tell you about stamp stations that correspond with the three main sections of the museum. The stamp stations are small stations with red Blathers insignias on them. There are three stations in each section of the museum, and interacting with them will add a stamp to your sheet. After finding all three stamps from one section of the museum, head back to Blathers and collect your reward.

Depending on which completed stamp sheet you turn in, you’ll receive a different commemorative plaque. If you found all the stamp stations in the fish section of the museum, you’ll get a fish plaque, the bug section rewards a bug plaque, and the fossil section rewards a fossil plaque. These three plaques are the only International Museum Day rewards. You can do more stamp rallies throughout the event, but you’ll just get duplicate plaques.

Unfortunately, the International Museum Day event has nothing to do with the recently added art section of the museum, but things could change as time goes on.

- This article was updated on May 18th, 2020

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