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Apex Legends How to Get Iron Crown Packs

Your first taste is free, but the rest you'll pay for.

by William Schwartz


Iron Crown Packs are the latest packs to be introduced in Apex Legends.  In the packs players can get different Iron Crown items from these packs.  During the Iron Crown Event, there will be 24 items to collect from the Iron Crown Packs.  So how do you get Iron Crown Packs?

There are going to be challenges associated with getting Iron Crown Packs.  Players will have the opportunity to earn two packs during the event by completing challenges.  While that may be enough for some people, if you’re looking to collect all of the Iron Crown Items to unlock the Bloodhound Heirloom, you will need more packs.

Right now, there is no other way to get more Iron Crown Packs without spending money.  You’ll need to purchase Iron Crown Collection Event Packs from the from the Store section of the main menu.  Packs cost 700 Apex Coins for one pack, or you can purchase 10 packs 7000 Apex Coins.

In the packs you are guaranteed to get one event epic or event legendary weapon + 30 crowns which can be spent on cosmetic items in the Event Shop.

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