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Apex Legends: How to Get the Bridge Keycard

The item you need to enter the Icarus Bridge


The Icarus ship, a new landmark in Olympus, is the reason why you need a Bridge Keycard in Apex Legends. Season 9 brought in a ton of new stuff, alongside a mysterious outbreak plaguing the whole map as one of its main gimmicks. Icarus is as you would expect tied with this suspicious event, and when inside it, you can find a locked area that needs a Keycard to access it. This Bridge Keycard is found somewhere within the map, so read below to see where exactly.

Where is the Bridge Keycard in Apex Legends

Inside Icarus, there is a hidden place you can find, the Icarus Bridge. This area however is locked down, and what is required to get in is the Bridge Keycard. Within the same ship, you will soon realize that there are no survivors due to some unfortunate event, and bodies of scientists and other crewmates are lying around.

In order to find the Bridge Keycard, you need to do only one thing. Search around those bodies, as there are chances for the Keycard to be in any of those pockets. Just search around, as there are no specifics to it and be quick about it since there is a lot of competition for that Keycard in Apex Legends. This new area is a trending spot right now, due to the very recent release, so a lot of enemy players will try to grab it first.

After you do get the Bridge Keycard to your hands, unlock the bridge and inside you will be able to find some high-tier loot. Pick everything you need, and run right after to avoid any encounters. If this area is tied to a certain other event, is yet unknown and we will find out in the following updates of Season 9.

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. For more information about the game, make sure to check the official website.


- This article was updated on:May 7th, 2021

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