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Apex Legends – Season 4 Week 1 Challenges

Get an early start on your Battle Pass with these simple tasks.

by Brandon Adams


With a new season comes new challenges to complete, and week 1 of Season 4 for Apex Legends seems to be starting off rather simple. Nothing even a casual player can’t accomplish.

There are seven challenges to complete week 1, and all are relatively easy.

The challenges for Apex Legends Season 4’s first week are not bad by any stretch, and they shouldn’t take anyone too long to complete. The seven challenges are:

  • Land in the Survey Camp, Lava Fissure, The Geyser, then the Skyhook once (for a Battle Pass level).
  • Deal 7500 damage with assault rifles (now including the G7 Rifle; for a Battle Pass level).
  • Finish in the top 3 as Crypto, Lifeline, or Wraith (little trickier, but doable; for a Battle Pass level).
  • Get 25 kills (for 6,000 Battle Pass exp).
  • Loot 5 neutral care packages (for 6,000 Battle Pass exp).
  • Earn 120 Ranked points (arguably the “hardest” challenge, but doable; f0r 6,000 Battle Pass exp).
  • Outlive 200 opponents (for 6,000 Battle Pass exp).

None of the challenges this first week are cosmic, and the majority of players should complete most of these in a night or two. The ranked challenge may seem daunting, especially with the rank reset, but 120 ranked points isn’t Hell to grind. I can see some players having issues finishing in the top three – considering the matchmaking can sometimes prove capricious – yet it isn’t impossible, especially if players find a solid group on the Discord channel.

If you haven’t seen the patch notes for Season 4 of Apex Legends yet, we have the basic run down here. Otherwise, happy hunting Legends, and see you next week with the next set of challenges.

- This article was updated on:February 4th, 2020

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