Are There Mods for Honkai Star Rail? Explained

Do mods in Honkai: Star Rail even exist?

by Christian Bognar
Honkai: Star Rail Mods
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Honkai: Star Rail is a Gacha game from the developers who brought us Genshin Impact. The gameplay of pulling characters and items comes down to luck, but with the inclusion of a pity system, it adds up to a satisfying and addicting gameplay experience. The modding community has some questions, though: can you install mods for Honkai: Star Rail? Here is everything you need to know.

Can You Install Mods in Honkai: Star Rail?

According to the HoYoverse official website, installing mods into Honkai: Star Rail is not allowed. The reason the developers have made this decision is to “ensure the fairness of the game and the account security.” Considering that Honkai: Star Rail is a game that is constantly online, it makes sense as a way to protect the game from hacks or other malicious plug-ins.

HoYoverse states it strictly prohibits users from installing, using, or distributing any unauthorized plug-ins for Honkai: Star Rail. So if I were you, I would avoid trying to make mods happen altogether, or there is a possibility that your account will be banned from the game entirely.

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Taking away mods from a game such as Honkai: Star Rail is a smart choice, even outside of the fact it is an online-only game. Pulling from the banners is part of the fun, and adding plug-ins and mods to increase your chances of getting 4-star or 5-star characters or items can take away the pleasure of the game.

While mods are eliminated from the game, there is some positive news in Honkai! Did you know you can get daily check-in rewards for playing the game? It’s a fact, and lucky for you, we have created this in-depth guide to walk you through how to get these check-in rewards and every reward available. You better hurry, as once you miss a day, you can’t go back and claim it in the future.

- This article was updated on May 3rd, 2023

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