All Daily Check-In Rewards in Honkai Star Rail and How to Get Them

Time to claim your free rewards.

by Christian Bognar
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The Honkai: Star Rail daily check-ins are a great feature that allows players to collect rewards just by following simple steps. These rewards range from adventure logs to all types of currencies in the game. If you are interested in getting free rewards for Honkai: Star Rail, read on as we will go over all the rewards available and how you can claim them all.

All Check-In Rewards for Honkai: Star Rail

Below are the rewards from Honkai: Star Rail daily check-ins corresponding with the specific day. You get bonus rewards for your first three check-ins.

Note: If you miss a day, you can’t go back and claim that reward.

  • First-time check-in – 40 Stellar Jade
  • Second-time check-in – 30 Stellar Jade
  • Third-time check-in – 30 Stellar Jade
  • Day one – two Adventure Logs
  • Day two – one Condensed Aether
  • Day three – 5k Credits
  • Day four – one Bottled Soda
  • Day five – 20 Stellar Jade
  • Day six – two Adventure Logs
  • Day seven – one Condensed Aether
  • Day eight – one Lost Gold Fragment
  • Day nine – 5k Credits
  • Day ten – three Adventure Logs
  • Day 11 – two Lost Gold Fragments
  • Day 12 – two Condensed Aether
  • Day 13 – 20 Stellar Jade
  • Day 14 – 5k Credits
  • Day 15 – one Energy Drink (sugar-free)
  • Day 16 – three Adventure Logs
  • Day 17 – two Condensed Aether
  • Day 18 – two Lost Gold Fragments
  • Day 19 – 8k Credits
  • Day 20 – 20 Stellar Jade
  • Day 21 – three Adventure Logs
  • Day 22 – two Condensed Aether
  • Day 23 – two Lost Gold Fragments
  • Day 24 – 8k Credits
  • Day 25 – one Disposable Kinetic Arm
  • Day 26 – two Refined Aether
  • Day 27 – two Lost Crystals
  • Day 28 – three Traveler’s Guide’s
  • Day 29 – 5k Credits
  • Day 30 – 5k Credits

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How to Claim Honkai: Star Rail Daily Check-In Rewards

Claiming the rewards mentioned above are as easy as following the steps below.

  1. Log into HoYoLab on the official website.
  2. Head to Honkai: Star Rail daily check-in page.
  3. Select today’s reward.
  4. Head to your in-game mailbox.
  5. Hit claim.

- This article was updated on May 2nd, 2023

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