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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – How To Open Locked Doors

Get access to hidden treasures.

by Dean James


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a lot of exploration for you to do throughout the game, with you visiting many different villages and small settlements. A lot of these buildings are wide open to where you can go in through an open door or window. That is not always the case though, as there are still some other buildings that are blocked off and tell you that they are locked. You will need to find something to unlock these doors and this guide will tell you just what you need to find.

How To Open Locked Doors

When we are talking about locked doors, we are not talking about the red doors that say they need the help of someone to open, or even the ones that say they are barred from the other side. We are specifically referring to the doors that look like the one at the top of the guide, which will say they are locked when you first try to interact with them.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is not going to have us pick locks like as if this was Skyrim or something, but rather we need to actually find a key to let us into the locked door. The good news is that if you come across a locked door, there should be a key relatively nearby.


As you can see in the image directly above, there is a white key icon that will appear on the screen at times. At first, this will not just show up, but when you use your Odin Sight by pressing down R3, it will show up. This means you need to be pressing it in constantly in the area looking in all directions, which will very often lead you to an enemy. If that is the case, you must kill the enemy to have him drop the key that you can then loot after.

There are also some other times where the key is just placed somewhere and you have to collect the key from wherever it is sitting. These aren’t always the easiest to find either, as there are times where they may be in a harder to find area, such as one that was hidden down in a sealed well that you had to break the top to enter.

Once you have the key in hand, head to the locked door in the area and hold down Y/Triangle to open it up. Inside of the building is always some sort of good treasure, so finding the key always proves to be worth it.

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