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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Who Is The Traitor In Grantebridge?

Deduce who betrayed Soma.

by Dean James


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla puts you in control of the Viking raider Eivor, who is trying to create a new home in England with their group, while also gaining allies from those that are already settled in the region. Most of this involves you going and fighting with others to take over and help kings take control of certain areas. One of them though requires Eivor to essentially become Sherlock Holmes to figure out who the traitor is within the region of Grantebridge as you work with its leader Soma.

Who Is The Traitor In Grantebridge?

Each area in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla once you make it to England has you pledging your loyalty to that region to try and expand your reach. One of the early ones here takes you to Grantebridge, which is led by Soma. However, there is a traitor in the midst that you have to figure out for her, with you getting to make the final decision.

Throughout this mission, you will end up gathering clues about each of the three possible suspects, which are Birna, Galinn, and Lif. This includes not only talking to them, but also talking to others about the incident to see if there was anything that would tie it to any one of them.

After you end up doing all of this, you can speak with Soma and present the clues for each of them and come to a final verdict. The person that you choose will be executed by Soma, so you have to choose wisely.

While you can talk to everyone and have the clues in front of you, this can still be very difficult to decipher. Each of the three suspects have reasons for you to think they could have been a traitor, but there is only one real correct answer. That person is Galinn, whose obsession with destiny and such seemed to have him end up betraying Soma and company in the end. Picking him will have her slit his throat, with her even saying it is like cutting off her own arm to do so. Making the wrong choice here doesn’t really have a huge impact on the overall story of the game, but it will cause Soma to be less friendly with you moving forward and Birna will not join your raiding crew.

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