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Astral Chain: How To Access Photo Mode

What game doesn't have a photo mode these days?

by Dean James


One of the most common features being included in modern gaming is that of a photo mode, with varying methods of their implementation. PlatinumGames certainly did not leave that out of Astral Chain, with you gaining access to it a few Files into the game. Not only are photos used for sharing in this game, but also for something a little more in Astral Chain.

Once you gain access to the camera courtesy of Lappy, you can then press right on the D-Pad at anytime to bring up the camera. This camera has the basic shoot function, but there are also some adjustments you can make before taking the picture as well. This includes the ability to zoom, change filters, adjust focus length and aperture, as well as even walk around or crouch while the camera is up too.

Because you can’t have a photo mode without the ability to take selfies in games today, that option is also included under the name of Cam Mode. After activating this, you can then switch between poses as well.

As we said above, sharing of pictures is not the only reason for this inclusion in Astral Chain. The main reason for taking photos is to add new information to your PC database for enemies, people, and more. This is something you don’t have to do, but it’s still a nice inclusion nonetheless.

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